Making a career out of creating solutions during Canada’s housing supply shortage, Mathew Moxness is one inspirational leader

The Canadian housing market situation hasn’t been great for a while. It’s not new because the government noted that demand far exceeded supply, resulting in affordability concerns for most Canadian citizens. As a result, the government instituted several measures to increase the housing supply, but not all of them have proved as beneficial as anticipated. However, that’s where the private sector enters the mix, and Mathew Moxness has used his experience and savviness to create solutions during this shortage, building an impeccable career. 

Mathew is an investor and entrepreneur with extensive business and real estate experience. His previous experience in the real estate world meant that he was already familiar with Canada’s growing housing supply concerns. As an accomplished and prudent entrepreneur, Mathew decided to educate himself over the past several years on the best real estate practices, especially for commercial and multi-family properties. His extensive research taught him how to avoid common problems, optimize opportunities, and minimize risk. 

In addition to possessing a wealth of knowledge about the Canadian real estate market, Mathew has accumulated considerable transactional experience, especially in multi-family properties. As a result, he understands how to buy and transform properties. In addition, his experience has also helped him learn creative ways to finance projects. However, Mathew’s business model revolves around transforming underperforming apartments and builds to provide exceptional returns to investors. Moreover, he is also actively involved in acquiring apartment properties and structuring real estate deals. 

He is the founder of Crescendo Equity, a leading real estate investment company that offers qualified private and group investors unique opportunities to participate in the ownership of prime commercial real estate across Canada. The organization mainly focuses on multi-family apartment buildings and acquires, repositions, and manages underperforming assets. The company’s management of these underperforming assets helps transform these builds, resulting in exceptional returns for investors. 

Mathew Moxness’s work with Crescendo Equity has been extremely successful. He has devised a system to identify underperforming markets by finding inefficiencies and creating solutions to optimize the asset’s performance. As a result, his strategy allows him to increase the net operating income from these assets. Mathew and Crescendo Equity operate on the belief that revenue-generating assets are incredibly profitable for investors in the long run. Hence, they also prefer to invest in sustainable projects that provide long-term positive operating cash flows in the best Canadian real estate markets.

Being a part of the industry for over a decade, he has received considerable attention for his work. His portfolio consists of over 500 units. In addition, Mathew Moxness has also been featured on HGTV, CHCH, and other notable home channels for his projects. Some of his projects impressed TV show producers so much that they continued using these sites for commercials because of their outstanding design elements, creating an additional revenue stream for Mathew and Crescendo Equity. 

His success has made him a well-known name in the industry, and he attributes his success to his mindset. “Having a mentality where you can tackle everything thrown your way is crucial for an entrepreneur, and it’s particularly important in this business. Failure is not an option. You only have goals and must figure out how to achieve them,” he reveals. Apart from his mindset, Mathew credits his resilience for helping him accomplish all he has. 

Mathew Moxness is extremely proud of how far Crescendo Equity has come in the past decade, outperforming competitors. “Many people in this industry don’t know how to structure things and fail to expand their knowledge by learning on their own time. In addition, they fail to surround themselves with the right people to advise them. You don’t want to be making these mistakes,” he shares. In fact, this is exactly the philosophy he subscribes to. As a result, he has built a highly capable team at Crescendo Equity to support him in his venture.