Make your Trade better with 5paisa

We all must have tried our luck with investments and taken the risks that are required to be taken in the market. All these are great ways for investments but they can also take a wrong turn. All this can be avoided if you choose a platform that can guide and assist you with all your investment planning and the platform can be like a one-stop solution to all your investment-related support that you will need. If you are new to the investment market you need to be updated with the upcoming IPOs 2021, and if you are connected with it through a platform then it will benefit you to stay updated with all the current updates of the market.

IPOs are Initial Public Offerings that are available to the public after the company opens up to the public sector. With this, people can get a stake in the company and be a part of it with the help of the stocks they buy. The people who get the IPO allotment can then choose to sell or buy the stock according to their preferences.

There are different types of IPOs and depending upon the requirements of the company they are listed. There are three types:

  1. New offer: Here the company is trying to raise capital for the first time and they are entering the primary market. the company gets listed on the stock exchange for the first time therefore it is called a New offer.
  2. Follow-on Offer: Here the company is already listed on the stock and is trying to raise some additional funds using the Initial Public Offering option.
  3. Offer for Sale: Here the current promoters of the company try to sell some of their shares of the company via the IPO option.

To start investing in the IPOs you need a Demat account and 5paisa can help you with that as they are the best service providers for all your investment-related necessities. They also help in opening a Demat account in a matter of minutes which is important to get started with trading and investing in IPOs by applying. It is very easy to invest in an IPO through the Demat account of 5paisa.

5paisa also guides its customers into investing smartly and choosing the right investment options available in the market. Opening a Demat account with 5paisa is a quick and easy process overall. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with it:

  1. There is a 0% brokerage fee and for further transactions, there is a very minimal amount of fee so the users don’t have to worry about the hidden charges as it is all very transparent.
  2. It is an all in one platform for all types of investment options.
  3. Users can also opt for some add on packs that will help them have some free investment ideas or brokerage cash backs.

5paisa is a one-stop solution for all the investment-related help that one might need and it is the best guide for you.