Weight lifting belts are common among weightlifters. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding whether you should wear them or not. But there are some benefits of wearing weightlifting belts that make them one of the essential workout tools to increase your gains. The confusion arises because only a few out of many fitness experts recommend using weight lifting belts and others don’t. Let us first discuss the benefits of using the best weight lifting belts, and they will help you decide whether to use them or not.

People began to use weightlifting belts to prevent spine damage in the first place. While picking heavyweights, the lousy posture may result in an injury in the spine. A belt can help prevent such cases. However, there are a lot more benefits to using these belts.

1.   Excellent for individuals with weak core

When anyone starts deadlifting as a beginner, the heavy movements lead to a change in motions. The body tries to adapt to sudden changes, and most of the time, the individual ends up injuring their spine. The right step to avoid this thing is to wear a weightlifting belt. Professionals suggest the newbies and trainees with weak core wear the best weightlifting belts.

Belts ensure safety and provide additional support. If you are trying deadlift for the first time, ensure to gear up yourself with a weightlifting belt.

2.  Belts stabilize your legs.

Wearing weightlifting belts help you stabilize the weight correctly. While picking up heavy weights, your legs have the most tension, which is what weightlifting belts protect you from. They keep you balanced and do not strain your back. 

3.  Promise better performance

While wearing a belt, you feel the support that helps you stabilize your posture. They allow you to stay balanced and stabilize the core movement. They also minimize the chance of hurting your back. As a result, the overall performance of your workout is improved.

You will realize a lot of improvement in your workout performance after using the best belts for weightlifting for a while. Your immunity will improve, and you will be able to lift 10-15% more than you lift on average days.

4.  Reduces the spinal flexion

When you lift weights imperfectly, there is a lack of balance. It may result in your spine bending forward, leading it to damage. It may also disturb your whole body posture.

To prevent this thing, you should wear a weightlifting belt. A trainee can use the best weight lifting beltsto get additional support and decrease spinal flexion.

How to wear a weightlifting belt properly?

Weightlifting belts are different from regular belts. But it is not complex to put them on. There is a correct way to use them. When you wear them the right way, they protect your spine correctly. Putting them on in the wrong manner would not do any magic. Follow the steps below to help them work the right way.

  • Choose the right belt depending on your size. The best weightlifting belts are the ones with the best width.
  • You have to pick up the latches. You should go for leavers.
  • While wearing your belt, make sure that it covers your belly button.

A weightlifting belt aims to increase your intra-abdominal pressure. It stabilizes your mid-section. To help it work properly, you need to engage your abs against the belt. For this, wear your belt in one hole before the hole that feels most tight. To check if the belt is tightened properly, see if you can put your thumb between your thumb and the belt. If it does, the fit is fine.

Looking at these benefits, it recommends that wearing weightlifting belts is the right choice. If you are starting your weightlifting journey, make sure to get a belt for proper training.