Consuming magic mushrooms is common, especially in Canada. Online dispensaries are the main source of psychedelic mushrooms for most consumers.

Others prefer to grow the shrooms from scratch because they have more control over the product’s potency, quality, and safety.

Psilocybin is a psychedelic drug that can be used therapeutically and recreationally. There are more than 200 species of fungi. Psilocybin Cubensis (aka magic mushrooms) is the easiest species to cultivate.

Magic mushrooms are available in a variety of sizes and potencies. They also have different growing requirements. It would help if you got magic mushroom spores to grow buy shrooms online at home. This guide will provide essential information about spores, including their uses, where you can buy them in Canada, and what they look like.


The growing popularity of magic mushrooms is due to their many medical and recreational benefits. Research has shown mushrooms can help with anxiety, depression, and stress. Magic mushrooms can be used in microdoses to increase productivity, immunity, creativity, and focus. They also improve mood.

Shrooms can be taken in large amounts (megadoses) to take you to another dimension where you will experience spiritual awakening, ego destruction, and transcendence. That makes one a better person and connects them with the people and nature around them.


Cannabis plants can be grown from seeds or clones. However, magic mushrooms reproduce using spores. Spores, single-celled reproductive units, are placed in a substrate (a growing medium) and grow into magic mushrooms. Many compounds can be used as substrates, but the most common ones are brown rice, flour, and vermiculite. The substrates provide nutrients and a favorable environment for the spores’ growth into mycelium and, finally, into mature shrooms.

Spores are available in vials or syringes. 

It is important to research which spore best suits your experience level. Shroom cultivation can be time-consuming and requires patience, skill, and multiple pieces of equipment. There are many magic mushroom varieties. To get the best yields, growers must be aware of each strain’s requirements. You can find spores for popular strains such as Penis Envy and Blue Meanies, Costa Rican, Jerry Garcia, Penis Envy, Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, Melmac, and Costa Rican.


As we have already mentioned, magic mushroom cultivation can be a complex process. Many strains don’t thrive in a non-sterile environment. Before you start the process, make sure that all equipment is sterilized. After this, you can inject the spores into your substrate. In a matter of weeks, the spores will begin to feed on the substrate and will eventually germinate into mycelium.

This stage is very similar to the vegetative phase. The mycelium needs a warm and humid environment that allows for unrestricted airflow. Colonization takes between 2 and 6 weeks. Lower the temperature and increase the oxygen flow to enable the fruiting stage.

The shroom enters the fruiting/pinning phase, taking on the distinctive shroom shape. The shrooms will be ready to harvest in 2 weeks.


Shroom spores are legal in many countries, unlike magic mushrooms. The spores are easier to find in Canada and elsewhere. You can find the spores in many places, including head shops, online stores, and mycologists.

Researching all options and finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable spore distributor is important. You should explore the various strains and, if you’re a beginner cultivator, choose the one resistant to contamination. Mistakes are likely within the first few attempts.

You will need to use one-quarter of the solution for each batch.


It can be very rewarding to grow magic mushrooms from home. You control how many shrooms, their potency, and the amount you grow. It is easy to acquire magic mushroom spores, and the vials/syringes cost very little. The spore solution can be used multiple times, which makes it a great value.

However, it is a challenging task. It takes patience and experience. You will need various equipment, including an incubator, jars, and a fruiting chamber. To cultivate shrooms, you will need to create a sterile environment.

Many people choose to purchase dried and already harvested magic mushrooms. Many dispensaries sell magic mushrooms across Canada. Think Mushroom has the best selection of premium magic mushroom products. These include edibles, dried mushrooms, and microdoses. To meet the diverse needs of customers, the store stocks various shroom products in different potencies. Think Mushrooms guarantees the lowest prices and tons of discounts.


Magic mushroom spores, also known as magic mushrooms, are the reproductive units for shrooms. These spores are often sold in vials/syringes and can be purchased by anyone who wants to grow magic mushrooms at home. These spores can be purchased in local headshops or online from specialized stores that sell magic mushroom spores.

Although growing magic mushrooms at home can be thrilling, it can also be described as a double-edged blade. It is very difficult, requires skill, and can lead to high-end equipment.