Why Choose Magento eCommerce Solution to Grow your Online Business?


Choosing the right eCommerce platform plays a prime role in determining the success of your online business. Nowadays most e-commerce business owners heavily rely on cloud based solutions for building their online stores. Delivering a personalized and immersive customer experience plays an important role nowadays as more consumers are looking for immersive shopping experiences rather than giving more importance to buying products. Magento is one of the popular and widely adopted cloud based eCommerce solutions that are now available today. The reason behind Magneto’s huge success and adoption rate among business owners is because of its ability to deliver top notch customer experience along with high operational efficiency without any downtimes.

You can go out of business in the near future if your online store fails to deliver your customers a solid and secure online eCommerce experience. Surprisingly, Magento gives you both these advantages. Hence, you can easily evade this issue by migrating your legacy e-commerce platform to modern cloud based e-commerce solutions such as Magento. In order to achieve this, you need to have expert technical guidance from a Magento development company. In this blog post, we will dive into some of the five reasons that separate Magento from the rest of the platforms.

#1 Highly Customizable

Customizability is the killer feature that separates Magento from other cloud based e-commerce solutions. Not having the freedom to do more customizations is one of the major setbacks that most online stores face with their e-commerce platform these days. An efficient e-commerce solution should be user-centric and should have the ability to do multiple customizations. The developers at Magento engineered this platform with customization in mind. This will enable you to do endless customizations without affecting your online store’s functionality, security, and performance. Being an open source platform, Magento enables you to tweak its code and develop features that are tailored for your unique business needs. Apart from that, Magento is highly adaptable to multiple device form factors and operating systems. Moreover, Magento integrates well with tons of third party tools that include Enterprise Resource Planning software, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Business Intelligence systems, Marketing automation solutions, and much more.

#2 High Performance

Magento doesn’t compromise on its performance, reliability, security, and usability. This is the main reason why it is powering more than three million websites around the globe. Businesses that rely on this platform range from manufacturing companies to healthcare businesses where downtimes can cause business disruptions that ultimately lead to significant revenue losses. The reason behind Magneto’s improved performance and minimal downtime is because it runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). On top of that, Magento delivers its users with state of the art performance tracking tools that allow you to get total control over your online store. This will also help you to craft your store according to the type of shopping experience that you plan to deliver to your end users.

#3 Built-in Tools

Thanks to its built-in tools, Magento enables you to deliver personalized & seamless shopping experiences to your customers. With Magento, you can access powerful tools that help you improve your online store’s overall performance, reliability, conversion rates, sales, and other key parameters that directly or indirectly affect your e-commerce business. Magento also gives you additional features that enable you to review users’ purchase histories and even customize your loyalty program based on multiple parameters that include demographics, buying habits, interests, and much more.

On top of that, Magento also delivers you powerful BI tools that give you intelligent insights that help you manage your online business in an efficient & strategic manner. If you are planning to build an online store or if you want to migrate your e-commerce platform into Magento, it is highly recommended to consult with a Magento development company that has deep expertise in shipping user-centric and powerful e-commerce websites. To get the most out of this platform, you need to consult a vendor who is updated with Magento development. Outsourcing software development to India is recommended for those who are looking for services with less cost.

#4 Huge Developer Community

Magento is having active support from a huge community of developers around the globe. Because of its huge community support, you’ll find answers to any queries that you encounter during your Magento development process. Because of its huge community of developers, you’ll get 24X7 support for virtually all areas of development that include design, implementation, and much more.

#5 Centralized Management

Magento is the perfect eCommerce cloud platform if you are planning to expand your B2B or B2C e-commerce business by deploying multiple eCommerce stores with different functionalities. Magento enables you to save your business money and time by enabling you to efficiently manage multiple stores with the same installation. You can build additional online stores seamlessly and can easily manage all your stores in one place without the need to build additional platforms.