Maddie Hack Dunkin – Who will judge the contest?

Make your own Maddie Hack Dunkin to win exciting prizes. Dunkin ‘Donuts has earned a significant position in the fast food arena, especially in the United States when it comes to serving delicious donuts and hot coffee. Dunkin ‘Donuts will kick off the ultimate contest, featuring “Maddie’s Hack” featuring a bagel with a scoop of cream cheese, French fries and bacon.

A dish that brings water to your mouth! You can even see Maddie herself freaked out by the news on TikTok. For three exceptional food hackers, some of the top culinary experts will come as a result of the contest. The challenge begins with Dunkin’s national release of “Maddie’s Hack,” a bagel with a dollop of cream cheese, French fries and bacon.

What is Maddie Hack Dunkin?

Dunkin ‘brainstormed this hack contest idea from a TikTok user: @maddiegoetzzzzz, whose hack will appear on Dunkin’ menus across the country. Popularly known as the “Maddie’s Hack,” this treat pairs a bagel with a dollop of cream cheese, with an order of Dunkin’s hash browns and Snackin ‘bacon. Dunkin ‘launched this campaign designed to expand its presence on TikTok and also to connect with its customers by imploring them to share its various Dunkin’ product tips. In fact, three exceptional food hackers, few major culinary experts, will be the result of the contest.

How to enter the Maddie Hack Dunkin contest?

Users can enter this contest by showing or describing their own version of Dunkin’s best trick ‘carte du jour in a TikTok video and make sure to tag @Dunkin and use #DunkinMenuHackContest. Dunkin ‘will kick off the hacking marathon, introducing “Maddie’s Hack” featuring Snacking Bacon and French Fries. Adorably pierced user @madchenkaufman, actually working at a Dunkin establishment, prepares a vegetable egg white, a chunk of white cheddar cheese, and turkey sausage, and places sandwiches between the two halves of a glazed donut.

What are the Maddie Hack Dunkin prizes?

While Dunkin’s presence is a trend on the TikTok platform in the United States, Dunkin ’has started a unique campaign with its potential and existing consumers, giving them the opportunity to present a pirated version of the food offered at Dunkin’. The three winners will also receive $ 100 Dunkin ‘gift cards and will love their newfound food fame.

Who will judge the contest?

In reference to Dunkin’s account ‘on social media, the company has sent invitations to TikTok fans to participate in the exchange of innovative, creative and different food ideas for Dunkin if they want to appear on the Dunkin’ restaurant menu. . Dunkin’s culinary experts will oversee the entire contest. A team of experts will be the judge of the contestants when reviewing all the entries submitted by fans and TikTok users. The top three winners will be eligible to receive a $ 100 gift card in the name of Dunkin ‘gift and love with his newfound foodie fame.