Luxurious Wedding on a Budget 2022

It’s vital to make selections based on what you love right now, but you should also consider what you’ll enjoy in years and decades to come when planning your wedding theme and décor. 

This entails picking an “elegant” and “tasteful” theme for many couples, but what does it entail? Classy wedding ideas are sometimes used equally or interchangeably with other adjectives, such as classic, timeless, glamorous, or fairytale-themed weddings, yet they can all seem different in reality.

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What are gorgeous wedding themes you can think of?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many other ways to have an elegant wedding—not it’s all about beautiful candles, chandeliers, pricey table linens, and grand ballroom wedding locations (but those touches won’t harm your motif!). Instead, luxurious weddings may range from traditional and stylish entanglements to rustic or boho affairs that are more low-key.

Any exquisite wedding should present a coherent, well-planned colour palette, expertly decorated decor, and polished apparel. Whether you’re having a modest rustic wedding, charming garden wedding, bohemian wedding, or going all-out with an over-the-top glam extravaganza, you may add as many or as few of your personal touches as you choose.

It’s OK to incorporate wedding fads into a sophisticated theme, but only in moderation. Only go with trends that reflect your personalities and blend well with your wedding concept.

How To Plan Your Elegant Wedding In a Budget

An elegant wedding doesn’t need to be painful for your bank accounts. You still can have a “luxurious” wedding without actually spending your life savings. Here’s an ultimate plan for your wedding:

Plan Ahead of Time

Couples engaged for an extended period have plenty of time to study, look for bargains, and book ahead of time. Make a plan. After the Christmas holiday, you might be able to find reduced silver or gold decorations, as well as lower-cost ring bearer and flower girl costumes. 


Make an informed decision when it comes to your date. It’ll set you back on a Saturday in June! Instead, consider Thursday, Friday, or Sunday as alternate days. This can save you up to 30%, especially if your wedding is scheduled during November or January-March. Also, don’t forget that flowers, photographers, and catering providers all have off-peak prices.

Know Your Flowers

Almost every flower you’re considering for your wedding has a twin. So, for example, if you like peonies, check into “vintage roses” or “cabbage roses,” which are similar to peonies but more affordable.

You must follow a colour theme.

A colour palette is a prevalent feature in almost every gorgeous luxury wedding. Choose two or three colours, white, champagne, and pink, and stick to them. It’s one of the easiest ways to connect a large number of moving pieces. Plus, it looks great in photos!

Be Crafty

From invitations to formal centrepieces, there are countless instructions on Pinterest and YouTube for how-to DIY just about anything on your big day. Hold small events in your house and recruit your craftiest family members and friends. After all, isn’t it meant to be enjoyable to arrange a wedding?

Hiring a Musician

Instead of hiring a band or DJ for the night, hire a musician for the first dance and the early hours of the reception. Then, with the help of a trusted friend or family member, switch to a tailored playlist. This simple method might help you halve your entertainment expenses!

Fake The Cake

Fake it when you want a fairytale wedding cake but don’t have the cash. Instead, request an actual lower tier for you and your fiancé from your baker. The baker can create the remaining levels out of Styrofoam and fondant-covered. Following the cake cutting ceremony, have your catering crew serve sheet cake with matching colours and flavours from the kitchen. Your visitors will notice nothing!

Talk to Your Baker

Intricately made fondant embellishments on your wedding cake may be costly and time-consuming. Instead, inquire with your baker about more economical choices, like satin ribbon trimmings or real flowers.

Reuse Decors

This is where thinking outside of the box pays off big time. For example, wedding aisle lanterns, candles, or flower arrangements can be used as reception centrepieces, and ceremony arches can be recycled for the lovers’ table.

Make It Fancy

A distinctive napkin fold may make a statement. and most establishments will not charge for it.” One idea is to fold the napkin into a pocket that can carry a menu.

​​Discard The Bar

A fully stocked open bar costs a lot of money. So instead of a complete bar, provide beer and wine. Alternatively, create a distinctive drink that matches the wedding’s theme and colour scheme.

Get Techy

Email your Save The Dates if you want to be environmentally sustainable and save money. Plus, It’s easier for you and your visitors.

To Wrap It Up

Keep in mind that your wedding is about the union of you and the love of your life. And that is something that will remain far longer than a single day of celebration. 

Remember not to lose sight of what is really important in the midst of all the wedding planning chaos. Spending a lot of money on your wedding day will not show your love for each other, but it will leave you with an empty bank account. On the other hand, it is feasible to organise a gorgeous, elegant, and cheap wedding on a shoestring budget!