Can people imagine that a title can be sold online? Through this Reviews article, we will talk about the Lordtitles website, which people in the US and around the world have been staring at puzzled.

It is not a normal thing for an online website to sell a particular title, but there are titles for different purposes on online websites to grow your business. Let’s see the details of Lordtitles through this and how the website works for people.

What are Lordtitles?

It is a website that sells senior titles to men, women and couples, and the rate of titles is different for each category. If you want a lordship title and the title package, you will have to spend ₹ 2490. There is a title package for couples, including Lord and Lady, and it is priced at ₹ 3688.

There is one more title pack, which is senior only for women, priced at ₹ 2490. These are the three title packs shown on the first page of the Lordtitles website. found that the website claims to offer English titles with dedicated terrains and a beautiful custom title package.

Lordtitles Specifications

• Website Product – Title Packs are displayed on website pages for sale to the public.

• Price: ₹ 2490 and ₹ 3688, along with ₹ 2490, are the rates for three different title packages.

• Email: Email ID is not mentioned on Lordtitles website.

• Contact number: The contact number on the Lordtitles website is 03333440895.

• Refund Policy – The website mentions the no quibble refund policy very clearly, and customers can take advantage of it.

• Payment method: The payment methods mentioned on the Lordtitles website include all major credit and debit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.

Advantages of Lordtitles

• Reviews found that the website claims a fun and different way to shop for titles for friends and family on special occasions.

• The website provides the facility to dispatch orders within 24 hours from Monday to Friday if circumstances are normal.

• The return policy for titles listed on the website is a plus for customers.

Cons of Lordtitles

• We did not find the presence of Lordtitles and its pages on social media platforms, be it Facebook or Instagram.

• Customer feedback on the Lordtitles website is missing because it appears that no customer has had the experience of purchasing any titles from here.

• There is no express shipping policy for international orders. For example, if the orders are for New Zealand, the website mentions 18-24 days after they ship.

Lordtitles legit?

By looking at the information on the website, we can tell that the website has no practical purpose to sell the titles to people and that too, with expensive fees. The website mentions that it is just a fun and different way to buy a particular product, but it takes money to buy these types of titles without qualifying for the titles.

This means that anyone can buy the title simply by paying the amount with their bank details. Reviews found that things do not indicate a specific and good reason to buy the title of this website; therefore, no customers have purchased and reviews are missing. Therefore, the Lordtitles website is not authentic.

Customer reviews Reviews found no online customer reviews for Lordtitles, and no customer has to say anything about it. There is silence about Lordtitles on many Internet pages, and some people even ask about its legitimacy.

It appears that customers have not had any experience buying any titles for ladies or gentlemen, which is why the Lordtitles website ratings are lacking.

Final verdict

Several websites are born to bring something new to people to show their interest in buying their products, and this is what has happened to the Lordtitles website.

They only have one way to earn which is by selling the titles, and this is different, they have an excellent refund policy. No person would like to spend money to buy a title because a title cannot be bought and people will understand.

All these reasons lead us to say about the Lordtitles website that it is not to be trusted. Reviews found that customers should not spend their money thinking of buying a title for themselves or their friends just for fun.

Read this article and tell your experience in your points of view.


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