Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets

Working in long distance relationships is not an easy task. Not being able to see and live with each other is a huge challenge, even for the strongest couples. Lack of communication will, gradually, erode the foundation of any relationship until it is broken.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made it easier for long-distance love to endure and even flourish. In addition to the usual conversations via email, chat, and video calls – you and your important couple can work together to feel more connected to each other. Below are Best 5 long distance relationship gadgets you can use to cover the distance unless you are in love again:

Touch the bracelets.

Distance doesn’t matter when you and your significant other are wearing these amazing couple rings!  Like a distance lamp, it keeps you paired with a single touch that you “send” and your partner “receives” and feels through your bracelet. These accessories are always sold in two sets and are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you touch your bracelet, the sensors inside the device detect it and send information to your phone and the Bracelet app.  The app will then “send a touch” to the linked account – in this case, your partner’s. Once the other phone receives the information, it will trigger an instant response from its user’s bracelet.

Long range touch bracelets come in different models. Their response ranges from a simple buzz or vibration to light pressing and band light in the sender’s preferred color. Customization is a concern for many consumers, but there are already brands that offer interchangeable bands that come in a variety of colors. Most distance bracelets are made of silicone and are water resistant, and rechargeable – making them a great gadget for mobile couples who want to connect whenever and wherever they are.

Touch lamp

They look and work like ordinary lamps, but with one touch, you can tell your partner that you are thinking of them. An unexpectedly lit lamp will undoubtedly bring a smile to their face and brighten their day. It’s an easy way to connect, especially when you’re busy, and you don’t have time to chat.

These lamps work by connecting your units online, which is quite simple. Just plug them in or make sure they’re charged, establish a Wi-Fi connection, then connect to the unique ID that only the two of you share. Touch lamps have come a long way since they were introduced in the market.

The makers of this nifty gadget have introduced a number of features aimed at enhancing the user experience. Today, there are models that allow you to change and assign light colors, choose how long the light lasts, and adjust the brightness of the lamp. Some lamps also boast Bluetooth speakers that allow you to “send” your favorite song to your partner.

Touch lamps also come in a variety of designs and sizes so you can be sure that you will find a piece that will complement the room you are thinking of setting it up. You can bring them anywhere as they come with lightweight, small and rechargeable batteries. Their ability makes them easy to carry around and around, so it’s easy to feel close to your significant other.

More Long Distance Gadgets

Thanks to technology, more and more products are being developed to effectively bridge the gap between long distance couples. Here are some of them Long Distance Relationship Gadgets you can enjoy:

A couple of watches

Kitman Kyung is a Hong Kong-based designer known for his long-distance pair of watches.  These timepieces have two dials: one that shows the wearer’s current time and the other that can be adjusted to reflect any time zone. For couples, long-distance clocks can be a constant reminder of each other. On a more practical note about this gadget, it can also serve as a guide to knowing when to talk to your partner, and its sleek design makes it easy to wear.

Heartbeat couple rings

This gadget is a bit expensive for 1,190.00 for a pair of rings. It gives you a real-time account by tapping your partner’s heartbeat (and vice versa) twice. If they are not online, it will show you that the latest heartbeat information has been obtained. It also has a “surprise me” feature that randomly lights up your loved one’s heartbeat. For the rings to work, you and your loved ones need to download the HB Ring app, connect your pair of rings and your phone via Bluetooth, and link to each other.

Front row camera

This hands-free camera, worn around the neck like a pendant, is a great gadget for couples in long distance relationships. It allows you to stream live, record videos and easily capture photos, so you can easily share your life with your significant other. To do this, you need to download the FrontRow app and then connect the device and your phone via Bluetooth. If you are connected to the Internet, you can easily stream on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The device has a front and rear camera as well as a touch screen and runs many apps. You can also save videos and photos in it.