Lolytar Reviews – Safe Or Scam? was registered on 2020-08-08 for a year and there is no founder name, no business address when they registered their site, and they did not leave contact details. This is a very bad start.

On your site, we are struggling to find an email address. No phone number, no business address, no contact name or pictures of someone working there. This is all very suspicious.

We do not recommend that you provide payment information to a site that has intentionally hidden all your business information like this. Too many times they turn out to be a scam.

There are exceptions when people are running e-shops from home legitimately for commissions. However, it is your responsibility to show that they are authorized to show that they are legally authorized to promote the products on your site. We don’t see this here.

We also received a report that is a scam, but it appears they are no longer online at the creation of this article.

When we click on its Facebook icon, we see that it is for display. It is false and does not go to any content on this website. So why have it in your e-store if it doesn’t work? So that’s a sign of scam.

We don’t see seals of approval like McAffee Trust Seal etc, but nothing similar is present on their site. They also seem to have made no attempt to get reviews to prove they are genuine.

We will now conclude our quick examination of them.