Location guidebook for Manufacturing in Guanajuato, Mexico

The Guanajuato in Mexico is famous for its extremely dynamic manufacturing center in the world. It is the six-biggest economy in the country and is one of the quickest-growing states sought by manufacturing companies. Situated centrally in Mexico with a population of more than 6 million, Guanajuato has several manufacturing facilities with a monopoly on automotive production. Some major auto giants that have established their facilities here are Thyssen, Honda, and Toyota.

Tips to setup a factory

Organizations that want to operate and manufacture in Guanajuato often go for shelter models to enter the market. The shelter model helps a foreign-owned business to collaborate with a local service provider in Mexico rather than doing all the work alone. Like any other region in Mexico, companies experience several local complexities when setting up their manufacturing operations here. The initial stage and maintenance can be challenging for new companies. Teaming up with a shelter service provider gives you a good insight into industrial park Guanajuato, manufacturing environments, rules and compliances, and so much more.

Major manufacturing industries in Guanajuato

The major manufacturing industries in Guanajuato include automobile companies, automotive assembling, textiles, auto parts production, and food processing. With more than 580 manufacturers hiring over six hundred thousand people, Guanajuato is the biggest hub for new companies looking forward to making the most of their investment.

Between Honda, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Mazda, Guanajuato manufactures over one million cars yearly, with 90% being exported. In 2010, Volkswagen declared a 550 million-dollar investment in the Silao plant. Further, it invested an extra $118 million and hired 150 employees. The Silao plant of Volkswagen manufactures 330,000 motors yearly.

Real estate in Guanajuato

Guanajuato has over 42 industrial parks, namely, Guanajuato Centro Industrial, Guanajuato Puerto Interior, Parque Opcion, Parque Amistad, Parque Tecno Industrial Castro del Rio and more. The pricing of the industrial park is quite reasonable and offers great investment benefits.

Here are some other reasons why you should go for a manufacturing unit in Guanajuato

Strategic location: Guanajuato is situated centrally in the country with links to important industrial hubs involving Queretaro, Mexico City, and Monterrey. It also has international connections through air, road, and rail, making the industrial parks easy to reach.

Multiplying workforce: Guanajuato has 6 million people, and around half of the state municipalities have education institutes and engineering colleges. With the given area size and the importance given to education, Guanajuato attracts a lot of workers of different skills.

Existing manufacturing companies: Guanajuato has several elite industries in the field of automotive and textile. It is home to Toyota, Honda, and Thyssen. So, it offers a welcoming environment to new brands too.

Higher quality of life: Guanajuato is famous for its high-profile college town culture and history of silver mining. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage city and foreign nationals staying here have access to good education. It also has direct flights to the United States through the Bajio International Airport.

These things make industrial park Guanajuato a good place to set up your manufacturing unit here. Go ahead and discuss your requirements now.