Live football: games do not happen much

This fall turned out extremely catchy for fans of the Game №1. The events schedule is pretty busy, so you can watch top live football nearly every day. Moreover, the most exciting events are still ahead! The World Cup starts in Qatar at the end of November, the dates are shifted for such uncommon dates due to the climate peculiarities of the country. Of course, fans enjoy the fact that interesting matches go one by one, however, such a shift is a great challenge for players. The schedule of the leading football players traditionally includes the following performances:

  • national cup and national championship;
  • Euro Cup;
  • team tournaments (qualifications + National League).  

When we watch live streams of football games, not many of us think about the load sportsmen have. For sure, this lasts for many years by now, however, the schedule becomes even busier this season because of the uncommon dates of the World Cup 2022. Players of the Euro Cup have to go on the field each 3–4 days, in case we are talking about indispensable players of first teams. Teams have to play 6 games of the team stage within less than 2 months, meanwhile, there are matches of home tournaments at least once a week. 

It is also pretty essential that players had vacations much later than ever because of 4 National League tournaments in June. Only a few weeks to relax before such a difficult season is too little. You can’t avoid traumas with such a busy schedule, and it could be bet that World Cup would lose a number of star sportsmen. Of course, a lot of people would talk about complaints of professionals who like to earn millions of dollars and don’t want to do their best, however, this is a real problem that requires deep complex research and drastic measures.  

UCL today: the situation before the finale of the group stage 

Anyway, the show must go on, and fans must be able to enjoy the show fully. Thanks to the schedule, the current set of the group stage of the Champion LEague ends about 1 month before the traditional date. Teams have to play 2 more matches, but some clubs have already nailed the play-off. UCL today can be moved to the background for a while for the following teams:

  • Napoli (A Group) — 12 scores.
  • Brugge(B) — 10;
  • Bavaria(C) — 12;
  • Manchester City (G) — 10.

There is no doubt that Real Madrid with 10 scores will also make it through out of the F group. Liverpool (A, 9), Inter (C, 7), Benfica (H, 8), PSG (H, 8), and Borussia (G, 7) is also very close to success. The rest of the teams keep fighting to stay in UEFA CL today or at least continue playing in the Euro League. All tournament members have hypothetical chances for the 3rd place which provides access to the Euro Cup spring.