List of Top 5 Social Media Platforms in 2021

In recent times, social media is gaining enormous popularity worldwide. Almost 61% of the world population is using social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for communication and online shopping. A lot of businesses are also diving into the deep ocean of social media marketing to send brand messaging to target audiences. It has proved a beneficial platform that enables businesses to attain a number of benefits in terms of building customer loyalty, lead, and revenue generation. So, if you own a business, and want to advertise it on social media then it can help your business to grow significantly. 

With the help of a top-rated digital marketing company, you can utilize social media appropriately for brand promotion and can interact with your audience. It can help you in:

  • Increasing the brand visibility of your business
  • Promoting your products and services assertively
  • Generating new leads
  • And driving sales

Here is the list of 5 hot social media platforms that you can use for branding in 2021.


There is no doubt to mention that it is the top most social media platform that is used globally. The estimated amount of Facebook users is 2.7 billion. So, for your small business, nothing can be better than this advertising channel to promote products and services. It is the first social media application that facilitates businesses for advertising. These days, people are not only using this app for posting images, videos, and for communication but are also using it for checking reviews for a variety of products and brands. It is best suitable for customer engagement, collecting reviews, and advertising.

If you want to utilize this hot communication channel for your business branding, then you can do the same through a Facebook business page. A professional digital marketing company can help you to create a business page on this application where you can post content regularly. It will enable you to post images, videos, and text related to your products and services to let people know about your business. It will also allow you to form a communication bridge to respond to the queries of consumers. It can help with lead generation and can drive sales for your products. By using this media, you can target new clients for your business. 

Facebook messenger

Though Facebook Messenger is an integral part of the Facebook app, but in order to use it, you have to download it separately. Now, in 2021, it has become the most trusted and fast communication network for people to send and receive messages. As a business owner, you can utilize this facility for sending messages relating to the promotions, discount offers, and sale clearance, etc. to your customers. It will allow you to run advertising campaigns, so when someone clicks on the ad, then it will automatically start facebook messaging with that customer. 

You can set the functionality of facebook messenger to send automated messages to the people on your facebook business page. It can send an automated message such as “thank you for reaching to us” or “welcome to our page” that will build trust among your audience to get valuable sale leads.


When it comes to highlighting product features for engaging and targeting potential customers, YouTube is the best social media platform to use. As a business owner, you can use it as the best video marketing platform by making video tutorials and guidance about your business. Over 2 billion people are using this media application and it is the second biggest search engine. So, you should create a YouTube channel to post quality video content regularly that can help you in improving brand awareness and customer attention, generating more leads and conversions, targeting traffic for your website, and improving sales figures. 

For superior results, it is imperative to use search engine optimization along with YouTube marketing. People find videos on YouTube with search, so if you want them to search your videos then SEO is the only solution. With top SEO services in Jalandhar, you can optimize your YouTube channel to target the specific market for promoting your products and services. SEO experts will pick the right keywords to represent your business that will help YouTube understand the type of your business. The right SEO strategy will enable visitors to watch your engaging videos that will take them to your business website for making purchase action. 


It is also a trending social media application that is helping businesses for building brands. However, it is mainly focused on sharing images and videos only and not the written content, but it can be used primarily if you want customer engagement and branding through images and videos of your products. The users of Instagram are over 1 billion in the world, so it can help you to spread brand awareness faster among new customers. You can use this platform to get followers for your brand and can use hashtags to reach a wide number of people. 

Instagram is a social media application that people use the most to spend their free time. So, it can be used as a resourceful tool to engage more and more customers. The best thing about this social media platform is that when people follow your page then, the images and videos related to your business will automatically appear on the home page. It will take the users back again and again on your business page. It also requires optimization from top SEO Services in Jalandhar to make your page visible for achieving maximum followers. 

WhatsApp business

It is also a trending app that can help you to send direct messages to customers. You can download WhatsApp business to set up a business profile and can communicate with your customer through it. You can use it to send automated messages regarding offers and can respond to customer queries. It is best for follow-ups and can greatly help lead generation and sale conversions.