Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s time to start preparing. Most couples have high expectations for going out and enjoying a delicious, romantic candlelight dinner. But since Valentine’s Day is always so busy for restaurants, a lot of couples end up going to cheap drive-throughs because they don’t want to wait hours for a table or service.

Why not ditch the craziness this year and let Papa Johns help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Dinner? They offer New York Style pizza delivery so you can actually spend time enjoying the company of your loved one instead of getting stressed out together because you can’t find a place to eat at the last minute. It sounds like a win/win situation, doesn’t it?

Why Go Out When You Can Order In?

Going out can be fun, but not when everyone else is going out on the same night and ruining your dinner date plans. If you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy stress-free time with the person you love most, an evening spent inside can be much more romantic and fulfilling.

Ordering in is easy, stress-free and reliable. While you’re waiting for your pizza order to arrive (which won’t take very long), you can spend your time watching a romantic comedy from the comfort of your soft couch or playing a game that helps you get to know each other better. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about going hungry while you wait for your turn to be seated at an overcrowded restaurant that’s having trouble serving all its customers promptly.

Papa Johns Heart Shaped Pizza for a Romantic Evening

If you don’t think pizza sounds particularly romantic, think again! Papa Johns offers a heart shaped pizza that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. When it’s delivered, your significant other will think you’re the most thoughtful person ever, even though the pizza delivery required very little effort on your part. You’ll be the hero of Valentine’s Day when all you had to do was make a call and place your order! Doesn’t that sound so much easier than calling multiple restaurants in a vain attempt to make a reservation for the busiest night of the year?

Another benefit Papa Johns can offer for your Valentine’s Day dinner is access to specialty pizzas. There are so many flavors from which you can choose, including vegan pizza for the conscientious eater in your life. If your loved one has a favorite combination of flavors or ingredients, you can probably find a Papa Johns pizza that’s the perfect fit.

Delicious Flavor Without the Hassle

Papa Johns pizza delivers reliable, delicious flavor that you can always count on. It does all of this without any of the hassles that come with making dinner reservations, going out, waiting for your food to be served, and waiting for your check to be delivered. If you’re ready to finally enjoy a relaxing, stress-free Valentine’s Day dinner with your favorite person on the planet, make it a Papa Johns Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret it. In fact, it might become your favorite tradition from now on!