Breast implants are artificial devices used to alter the shape and size of a person’s breasts. Breast implants are usually made up of silicone or saline that is filled in a shell. These shells work as look and feel like the tissues found in the human body, hence working as substitute breasts.

Self-esteem and confidence issues fueled by toxic beauty standards are one of the main reasons people get breast implants in Sydney. However, breast implants are also necessary for other communities of women, such as breast cancer survivors and transwomen.

Here are some of the lesser-known interesting reasons why breast implants will always be relevant and vital:

Breast Implants Help Combat Body Confidence Issues

If there were competitions to determine platforms that influence people the most, social media would definitely hold the first position.

The reach and influence that social media platforms have in today’s world are genuinely insane. Many people are bound to develop body image issues, such as body dysmorphia, while constantly comparing themselves to various personalities on social media.

Micromastia is a condition in which the women’s breasts do not develop at all. Such women are at the risk of developing body confidence issues which eventually lead to poor mental health.

Asymmetrical breasts and sagging breasts also cause body dysmorphia issues in women, which lead to low self-esteem. In such cases, breast implants in Sydney greatly help these women to build body confidence and enhance happiness levels.

Hence, breast implants serve as one of the best ways to improve mental health by helping women fall in love with their bodies.

Breast Implants for Breast Cancer Survivors

In Australia, about 20,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that can affect women of all ages.

A lumpectomy or a mastectomy is performed based on which part of the breast the tumour is present. Lumpectomy is a type of surgery in which the portion of the breast where the cancer is present is removed.

In advanced stages of nipple discharge and breast cancer, such as stage three or four, malignant tumours spread throughout the breast. In such cases, mastectomy is performed to remove the entire breast, sparing the skin, nipples, or areola, as determined by the doctors.

It is natural for breast cancer survivors to feel imperfect or different after a mastectomy. The massive change to their bodies can be overwhelming to cope with.

Hence, for such situations, breast implants serve as a blessing. Breast implants can be used in breast reconstructive surgeries to make the path to recovery easy for breast cancer survivors by bringing in the feeling of normalcy.

Breast Implants for Helping Transwomen Feel Body Confident

One of the most underrated uses of breast implants is for transwomen. Transwomen face a lot of discrimination from society while also suffering internally due to gender dysphoria issues.

Gender-affirming surgeries help transwomen to feel more comfortable in their skin. Breast implants used in specialized breast augmentation surgeries can significantly improve the mental health of transwomen.

When breast augmentation surgeries are combined with the use of recommended hormones, it leads to lower levels of distress for transwomen.

Final Words

While different people have different opinions on breast implants, the positive benefits of breast implants for breast cancer survivors and transwomen are undeniable.

It is essential to remember that your body is yours and only yours! Hence, do not let other people’s negative opinions on your body affect you, and always do what makes you truly happy!