Learning Equipment that Simplifies Online Learning

How do I improve my online teaching methods? How do I make the quality of online learning materials better? How do I ensure my students understand what I teach them better? Many teachers are facing these questions since the pandemic started and institutions started online learning programs. The equipment we will go through in ThesisHelpers will help you improve your online teaching, making it more effective and efficient.

The COWIN wireless headphones

Listening is a significant element in learning. Hence we shall start with wireless headphones. The headphones use a Bluetooth connection making them more comfortable to use compared to the ones with cables. Combined with their noise-canceling capabilities, they can cut out background noise. 

The Vivo standing desk converter

Sitting all day long has been proven to cause health problems to your body. Instead of sitting all day, try using a standing desk. Vivo standing desk comes in a range of four colors. It has an adjustable riser to ensure all your materials fit perfectly. The ergonomic structure makes sure you are relieved of all tension. Also, it can be able to hold  33 tons, so weight should not be an issue.

Livho 2 Pack Anti-Eyestrain glasses

Computers screens emit blue-rays which are not healthy for your eyes, causing your eyes to strain or even headaches. The Livio glasses shield your eyes from these blue-ray eyes ensuring your eyes are not staining. You can choose from a range of designs which one best suits you. They are lightweight ensuring comfort with a lifetime guarantee.

Lamicall adjustable Tablet stand 

The Lamicall stand ensures you set your tablet such that it does not strain your neck. You can choose to mount it horizontally or vertically. It has rubber pads that make sure your workspace is safe from scratches or slipping.

TaoTronic LED Desk Lamp

Good lighting comes hand in hand with a good learning environment. With the TaoTronic LED Desk lamp, perfect lighting is a guarantee. With brightness control, five different light tints, with seven brightness levels, you get good lighting, and your eyes are safe from being hurt too. The lamp is user-friendly and also eco-friendly.

Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair

Being comfortable is essential during online learning. Hence this chair offers a  comfortable feel leaving you with only the teaching to worry about. It is designed for lumbar support with a cushion that is not only comfortable but also durable. 

Everlasting comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Combining the comfort of the chair with this lumbar pillow gives you everlasting comfort. It supports your back to make sure you do not get back-sores. It is created with breathable mesh ensuring you do not overheat while working.

TP-Link Wifi Extender

Weak wifi at home or even in your working space tends to be very frustrating. The Tp-link wifi extender solves this problem. It can extend the coverage to reach 800 square feet, which will give you convenience as you study or work.

Oxford 1 Subject Notebooks

Writing helps a student understand what is the teacher is teaching. The oxford one subject comes in a pack of six books. They are designed for efficient writing with perforations to assist in easy tearing; binding holes are perforated for easier note management.

Blue Sky Academic Planner

Never struggle with planning your schedules again. With plenty of writing space, holidays marked, contact pages, and a durable cover, the Blue sky Academic planner has got you covered.

CloudValley Webcam Cover

If you ever get worried about hackers gaining access to your webcam, this webcam cover is your best solution. These are simply webcam slides that you can place on any camera, phone, or laptop’. The covers are easy to use and are a great privacy booster.

First Plug-in Webcam with Mic

Is your laptop’s camera focus a problem? Then this webcam is your solution. It has a feature of 1080px, multiple ways to mount, filters background noise, an automatic focus, and great flexibility. It makes distance learning more sophisticated.

Iron Flask Water Bottle

Staying hydrated can boost your focus. The iron flask water bottle is very durable. Since it is made of stainless steel, it does not taste like metal.


Online learning can be tough, but with the above equipment, you can make it more effective and efficient.