Like other baking items, a cake is easy to make, but its decor or design is difficult. Once a simple finished cake wears a decor, it becomes a designer cake. So, the designer cake becomes an irresistibly attractive and enticing cake gesture. If you can’t resist more, let’s have some talks over how to make a designer cake within just ten (10) minutes.

Of course, there are different types of cakes:

  • Personal Cakes: Cupcake and Madeleine.
  • Folded Cakes: Backed and garnished in Springform Pan.
  • Con Cakes: Crockenbosch.
  • Sheet Cakes: simple, rectangular, flat cakes baked in a sheet pan.
  • Bunt cakes.
  • Swiss Roll Cakes.
  • Cack balls.

So, you need to employ different decoration types and other materials. Let’s see a couple of techniques a professional cake designer apply to create a designer cake based on a finished cake.

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#1 – Fruit Toppings

Nothing is more soothing in the hot weather than fresh fruits. Fruits are rich in antioxidants and minerals plus available in different tastes. You can place delicate fruit pieces on the top of the cake, such as grapes, berries, diced apples, and bananas.

Thanks to their varying shades and textures, such a fusion of fruits will look sumptuous. Of course, you can place fruit slices between the cake layers and add some delicacy you need in the Summer. Artful cuttings of fruits and right placements will adorn an attractive look-n-feel to your cakes. Be it birthday cake; be it anniversary cake; be it for other occasions, you can make the cakes alluring using seasonal fruits.

#2 – Icing Sugar

When you are in a hurry, icing sugar is a handy material and technique to decor your cake blazing-fast way. You will gain an enticing fondant appearance with different types of icing sugar designs. Icing sugar also emboldens the lip-smacking tastes of your cakes.

Remember, icing sugar is powdered sugar or fine-grind sugar dust that makes spraying easy. Its granularity and whiteness simulate snowfall effects. The icing needs to be poured, spooned, or drizzled over the cake surfaces.

#3 – Frosting

Unlike icing, frosting remains thick, fluffed, and spreadable. Decor with frosting has enormous options to apply on the cake. Frosting design depends on the types of cakes, recipients, and occasion. You can use different edible colors in preparation for frosting and create a rainbow-like effect. You can combine other decoration techniques and materials with cake frosting, including chocolates, dry fruits, or fresh fruits.

#4 – Chocolate & Candies

Who dares to deny when you present a KitKat, candy, or sweet?


You can design your cake with such sweet items for any occasion and any age of recipients. Pinata cake is the best example of the same.

#5 – Coconut

Coconut enveloping can satiate sweet tooth carvings with a cake. You can add coconut shavings on top of the creamy white frosted cake and get fits of healthy coconut foods. You have plenty of options to wrap coconut shavings on a cake is a combination of other decorative stuff.

#6 – Crunched Nuts

Crunched toasty nuts seem a special treat on a birthday cake or anniversary cake. You can mingle delicate nutty tastes with the sweet flavors of the baked cakes in multiple ways. Create heart shapes with crunchy nuts on Valentine’s Day cake or a marriage anniversary cake and show your dedicated love to your loved one. Almonds, walnuts, and sometimes coconuts prove a better choice for a nutty taste.

#7 – Non-edibles

Many non-edible decorative items are in the market to decor your favorite cakes. Among them all, flower blooms are an undeniably attractive option. You can place different colors of roses and other flowers on the cake surface and adorn your cake.


The designer cakes from Cake Housecome with a variety of designs and designing materials. So place your custom designer cake order and get your cake decorated with your favorite design and materials.