League of Legends 101 – A Review Before You Buy the Game

2020 came with many adjustments in life as we were busy fighting the pandemic that messed with our ways of life. But not everything was lost. At least most of us had ample time to explore various aspects online. Thanks to the 2020 league of Legends world championship, we all had a game we could play and avoid the boredom thereof. But maybe it is your first time to hear of this beautiful game that kept us busy during the pandemic. The good thing is that you have landed on the right page, as I will be categorical in giving you a brief review before you purchase the game.

Take a look.

What is the League of Legends?

At the heart of all the accounts of Legends are two teams with five players, each with a base that features the Nexus. What you need to do as a player is to destroy all the enemies of the Nexus and win the game. However, getting there is complex, and you must master the game and the approaches the enemies are using before you are declared a winner. However, once you master its tricks, the league of Legends is one of the games you can play for a considerable period without getting bored. 

Lanes and the Roles of the games.

Before buying this game, you need to understand that the game comes with three critical lanes. The lanes include the bottom, middle, and bottom lanes. The game also has five roles: support, bot, mid, jungle, and top. Understand that the top plays on the top lane, the mid uses the mid lane, and the support uses the bottom lane.

The Beauty of the game.

In between the lanes are pockets of jungle that are in turn divided into two by a river. As you start the game, the jugglers usually begin with jungle intending to power up their characters to be strong enough to invade the other lanes. The empowerment and the attack launched toward the enemies forms the basis over which players enjoy and get addicted to the gaming. 

The Championships

As you begin exploring the Beauty of this game, you need to be aware that there are more than 150 champions with a unique toolkit. The aspect makes them suitable for some positions but bad at others. Some champions can take more than one position; however, most are good while playing in a particular position. The other aspect worth noting is that in the lanes with players, you can get minions that can damage the opponents with their turrets. And among these champions, Ezreal stands out with his charismatic persona and versatile playstyle. Check out some of the best builds for Ezreal and join the game.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a game Mbc2030 to explore and chase your boredom, league of legends 101 is the game to consider. Although there are a few aspects, you need to master before purchasing the game, and once you get used to the gaming, you may need a lot of discipline to avoid any form of addiction.