Latest Super Fun Games to Play with Friends

Ever get together with friends and have an awkward pause? This is when everyone feels uncomfortable. What are good group game apps? It is hard to figure out what to do when this happens in a group of friends. Some group games on phones make you think in the following article, but some non-thinking games are also.

When people feel uncomfortable, they want things that they can do that don’t require too much thinking because then their minds will be occupied with the game instead of worrying about their friends. Is there an app where you can play games with friends? The fun games to play on the phone below are perfect for times like these.

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Fun games to play with friends on the phone


Mafia is a fun game to play on the phone where three players are gangsters, known as Mafia members, and the rest of the people playing are townspeople. The townspeople sleep at night, and the Mafia members wake up. The Mafia decide amongst themselves who will murder one of the townspeople. That person then tells the other mafia members who they are killing, killed off at night. If a townsperson dies without anyone finding out, which some people do, they won’t be murdered. The game ends unless there are some living mafia members still around at that point. Townspeople win if they kill all of the mafia members, whereas the Mafia wins if their numbers dwindle enough where it’s just them, or they can successfully kill everyone else.


Another fun game to play with friends on the phone that doesn’t require much thinking is “XO.” It seems evident by saying this, but to win, you must avoid the letter “X” and collect as many “O”s as possible.


There is also a fun game to play on the phone that might be more difficult than the last two, but it requires thought, called “Blurt.” This game has been around for years and can be played with any player. All players sit in a circle, and one person says a word. That word then passes to the left (or right if you’re sitting next to someone’s left-hand side). 

The following person who was passed the word tries to say another word that starts with the last letter or syllable of what came before, or they can make up their starting sound for this new word. Then the process repeats. For example, if the word was “banana,” then someone could say “apple” or “salmon.” If that person were to make up their word, they could say something like “chicken.”

Quiz Up

The world’s biggest trivia app has over 600,000 questions spread across 1,200 themes, challenging users on anything from general knowledge to fundamental math issues.

Which game can I play with my friend online? Quiz Up allows you to compete against friends in head-to-head bouts or establish tournaments against strangers.

This software is likewise designed to connect individuals with similar interests, and it has millions of users on both Android and iOS.


Badland is a fun game to play on the phone that appears simple but is far from that, especially when played with one, two, or three players on the same device.

Badland is a game where you must lead a flying bat-like creature across a level complete with traps and obstacles while avoiding the level’s slow scrolling because it’s challenging to guide all these clones together and obtain power-ups throughout the game.

There are many more bats when there are two, three, or four players, and it isn’t easy to keep track of everything – in a fun environment.

Facebook Gaming

Despite its bad reputation for protecting people’s personal information, Facebook is still the most popular and feature-rich social network.

The Gaming tab on Facebook is one of the main reasons it attracts and retains users since it allows users to play games with their friends or the platform’s more than 2 billion users.

Heads Up 

This is essentially a digital version of the traditional party game where you hold a piece of paper to your forehead with something written on it and must guess what it says based on tips from your friends. The difference with Heads Up is that everything is played fast, and only one device is required.

You choose a category and then place your phone on your forehead so that everyone else can view the screen. You flip the phone down to acquire a new card if you get the answer correct. (You may also pass it up by flipping it up).

I Never

And finally, there is a game called “I Never.” This app for multiple players can be played with as many people as you want, and all are sitting in a circle. One player starts by saying something that they have never done. For example, I’ve never climbed Mount Everest. The next player then says something they have done, but the previous person hasn’t, so for this example, it would be: I’ve climbed Mount Everest. Someone else now has to say something they have done, but the two before them haven’t, so: I’ve gone to the moon.

So, the next time you get together with your friends and have that awkward pause, remember some of these group games on the phone that will help break the ice!