The areas throughout Canada are full of landmarks and beautiful places to see. That holds true in Ottawa, as well.

Once you visit Ottawa, you will quickly be searching for Ottawa homes for sale, that’s how great of a place it is. You’ll fall in love and dream of moving there.

While visiting Ottawa or after you move there (wink,wink), there are quite a few landmarks to check out. Be sure to start with these.

The Rideau Canal

The world’s largest ice skating rink. The canal is 125 miles long and was actually created during an old war.

During the summer and warmer weather months, the canal is a great place for riding bikes, walking, and jogging. In the winter is when it is super special. A nearly 5 mile stretch of the canal is turned into an ice skating rink. It stretches from the Parliament building to Carleton University.

Take in the wonderful views while ice skating.

National Gallery of Canada

The architecture at the art galleries in Ottawa are second to none. That is no different for the National Gallery of Canada.

This place is home to over 90,000 different pieces of art. The most famous piece of art greets you before you even enter the building. It’s a 30-foot-tall spider. Without a doubt it’s the most photographed piece, just check out Instagram and the posts tagged with the location of the art gallery.

All the Music Festivals

Summers in Ottawa are filled with music festivals. It’s very similar to states and cities throughout the United States. You can hear all sorts of music ranging from blues to jazz and even EDM. Be sure to check out a full schedule online and find times when your favorite genre will be played.

Some people long for live music, and it doesn’t always happen or come along that often. If you’re not a winter person, visit Ottawa in the summer and listen to some great, live music.


There is absolutely no doubt about it, Ottawa is a winter town. Every winter at Ottawa’s Winterlude, they host a local ice sculpting competition.

Winterlude lasts for 3 weeks and is located right near the Rideau Canal. Get on your cozy gear, enjoy the Winterlude festival, and strap on a pair of ice skates. Sounds like a super fun time!


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