Women love to be remembered for their signature style. Whether it’s the late Princess Diana’s famous hair bob, a scent that is individually yours or a megawatt smile like Julia Roberts’, how about owning a classy gold watch that stands the test of time? Many might shy away from this colour, but it is the gold colour that sets it apart from all the other timepieces. And if you’re worried about styling it with your outfits and wonder where would be appropriate to wear it to, we’ve got it all figured out for you. Here’s our tips on chic ways to style your gold watch. 

Glamming it up

From wedding parties as a bridesmaid to corporate events like fundraising for a charity, wearing a gold watch will help you keep to time while also giving you the opportunity to dress up. If you’re wearing a long slinky evening dress, a feminine gold watch will look best. Make sure your watch is thin enough to slip in and out of your long sleeves so that it doesn’t get caught or snag the material. Another option is a more minimalist gold watch for your work party, adding a polished look and sophistication. This makes the piece rather versatile as it doesn’t attract too much attention that it detracts from important conversations, but adds subtly to the overall look. 


Match your gold watch to neutral colours like tan, beige or white. Alternatively, go dark with black, dark blue, maroon or forest green. Your watch will stand out against these colours, making it a statement piece. One of the best watches in the market that could go from dressy to casual is Rolex. For example, the Rolex Lady-Datejust in 18 ct yellow gold with its champagne colour, diamond-set dial and a president bracelet highlight the classic feminine watch, instantly giving you a classy look to a rather simple colour coordination. 

To roll or not to roll the sleeves

You might be thinking… “What a shame to hide the watch underneath long sleeve tops.” Well we’ve got the perfect solution to this. At work, roll up your sleeves to your elbows, for that more relaxed look. If you’ve got a blazer, take a leaf out of those influencer videos you’ve been watching, grab two tight hair bands, scrunch your sleeves to your elbows and keep them there by tying the hair bands around them. This gives it the effortless, yet professional vibe. Even if you’ve got a jumper or sweater on and don’t really fancy folding the sleeves, wear the watch over the sleeves. This gives you that Parisian relaxed fit, a lovely unexpected pop of timepiece and accessory. 

The transitional look

Forget about only catching up with friends over coffee in the weekends. Excuses such as you feel exhausted after work, needing a shower or wanting to get changed after a long day, are all just those… excuses. Consider meeting friends straight from the office, and wear an outfit that’s work appropriate yet evening ready. To achieve that transitional look, pop on an oversized blazer, a plain silky blouse and a laptop-friendly tote. Finish off the look with a chic gold watch, that will make you look dressy but casual enough with your outfit ensemble.   

How much bling is too much?

Should you avoid jewellery if you’re already sporting a gold watch? We think, absolutely not! While we wouldn’t advise you to overdo it, a little extra gold or diamonds can never go wrong. After all, with the latest trends for long welded bracelets, cuff ear rings, layered necklaces and stackable rings, it’s naïve to think that we should forget being trendy purely because we’ve got a gold watch on. Instead, make it work. Wear your stacking rings on a different hand from your gold watch, and avoid looking like a golden statue and opt for different variations of gold, such as rose gold and white gold. 

Be confident

Whatever you choose to wear, or however you choose to look, just be yourself. Wearing a gold watch takes a certain persona, and that already gives you that extra edge. Take the lead from fashionistas, embrace trends, adapt them and adopt to your style. At the end of the day, it is how you feel that truly matters, and as long as you’re comfortable and confident, you’ll look as amazing as that gold watch around your wrist.