Kratom Legalization Impact On Indiana State

Indiana, also known as “The Hoosier State” and its people as “Hoosiers”. It is located in the Midwestern Region of the United States. To the people that live in Indiana, you may know the rules and regulations about Kratom. But, assuming that you are arranging a trip to Indiana, you need to know if Kratom is legal in Indiana. As of now, Kratom is illegal in Indiana State. It has been banned since 2014 in all areas of Indiana. Let’s have a good read of the article to understand it. 

Why is Kratom so popular? 

Kratom, a psychoactive plant, is used in different ways. It helps to relieve pain, provide energy or cause euphoria. It is receiving international fame these days as it acts as analgesia. It also has an essential role in mental and physical health. Since early times, people have used Kratom in medicine to treat minor conditions like nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, etc. But now, Kratom impacts the mind as it helps improve the mood and increase alertness. It also treats general body discomfort. 

History of Kratom in Indiana

Indiana passed a law in 2014 which boycotted the usage of Kratom. They classified 7-hydroxy Mitragynine and Mitragynine as synthetic substances when they first introduced the law. This bill ordered Kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance. So, Kratom found its place among other restricted substances like morphine, heroin, etc.

In 2018, they changed the law to correct the mistake. They grouped Kratom as a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance when they made the change. But, this amendment didn’t change the legal status of Kratom. The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) began gathering resources to help reverse the kratom ban in Indiana. There have been no reports on their progression. At this point, there are no new bills in Indiana to lift the ban anytime soon. 

Kratom’s position in Indiana

Indiana has placed Kratom in the worst possible spot. It is on the Schedule I Controlled Substance List as a hallucinogenic substance. It is illegal to use within the boundaries of Indiana. 

Sanctions for using and selling Kratom in Indiana 

Indiana is 1 of the six states that have banned Kratom. No kratom seller will transport to a location inside this state. Assume you get caught with Kratom in Indiana; you can face Class A crime charges for ownership of Kratom. Punishments might include a year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Certain conditions could cause heavier legitimate issues. If you get caught with Kratom close to a school or park or while a minor is present, you could confront a level 6 Felony. The punishment might include half a year to 2.5 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Reasons for kratom ban in Indiana

Indiana boycotts Kratom over abuse worries. Kratom, a generally less-known herbal supplement to address chronic pain, is bringing alerts up in States. People in Indiana worry that it may be as addictive as heroin. The Drug Enforcement Administration assigns Kratom as a “drug of concern” — actually intending that, although it is still actually legal, it presents risks whenever misused.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) records Kratom as an herbal supplement, implying it isn’t controlled with as much care as drugs, before purchasing. The FDA warns of aftereffects from vomiting to hallucinations and aggression. Yet, the medication’s popularity is unquestionable. Its promoters say with a lot of certainty that Kratom is a natural pain reliever. It lightens pain, combat fatigue, and diminishes uneasiness. 

Attempts to lift the ban on Kratom in Indiana 

The Kratom Trade Association (KTA) was gathering funds for a mission intended to reverse the kratom boycott in Indiana in 2018. Nonetheless, there are no reports on whether they made any progress. 

However, as indicated by the KTA’s newsletter, they were the primary association attempting to reverse the prohibition on Kratom. They likewise guaranteed that language to turn around the kratom boycott was almost changed into a bill in mid-2018. But the opposition demanded an investigation 

of the matter further first.

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a customer-based, nonprofit firm, keeps data and documentation about Kratom. It raises voices in favor of those suffering. It also protects their right to consume safe and natural Kratom. AKy attempts to keep Kratom legal across the country. The association focuses on various states that don’t manage Kratom. It also plans to reverse the boycott in states where Kratom is unlawful and convince them to pass the Kratom 

Consumer Protection Act.

In any case, when the AKA reported in early 2021 that the States that would be prioritized in case of reversing the kratom ban, Indiana was not among them.

Right now, Kratom will remain illegal in Indiana in 2022.

Can you buy Kratom in Indiana? 

Kratom is unlawful in all areas of Indiana, therefore, you cannot purchase it legally. If you use Kratom on a daily basis and decide to settle down in Indiana, then this decision is not in your favor. You won’t find Kratom in any local shop in Indiana. Even if you plan to go to another state to buy Kratom, you’re still at a potent risk of being caught. You can face charges as well. 

Moreover, you cannot order Kratom online in Indiana because online vendors won’t be able to ship Kratom within the premises of Indiana. 

States where Kratom is currently banned but may be legal in future

The states listed below presently have a restriction on Kratom, yet there is dynamic regulation to lift the boycott and legalize Kratom all through the state. 

They are as follows:


Rhode Island



Final thoughts: current and future status of Kratom in Indiana 

At present, Indiana is one of a handful of the states across the country where Kratom is unlawful. If you live inside state lines, you can’t buy, sell, have, or use kratom items legitimately.

The future of Kratom in Indiana looks distressing right now. Kratom promotion groups are pushing for legalization in all regions where it is unlawful, including Indiana. Sadly, these associations have been working for quite a long time to topple the ban in Indiana and have been fruitless so far.

In that capacity, Kratom will probably stay unlawful in the state, essentially for a long time.


The U.S FDA is warning consumers not to use kratom and its products. As there are no proper dose guidelines developed for Kratom yet, it is better to avoid using Kratom without consulting a doctor.