Know why you should be Multitasking!

Multitasking is nothing but doing multiple tasks at the same time. The best example is the device on which you are reading this blog! Well, even your brain is also a device that has multiple applications i.e., tasks to complete. Its To-Do-List is always on its mind; we have to only execute it and complete the task.

It is said, “An empty mind is the house of the devil”. An empty mind may get rusted which will, in turn, affect you at your work. The brain is a CPU that gives you instructions to complete the task the way it should be done. The best human example can be the mother, who cooks food in the kitchen, teaches her child as a teacher, and does her job as an employee. Now if you have started relating your mother to this, think if you are a multitasking person at home or work?

A multitasking attitude nowadays is an asset in this fast-paced life. You have to work on multiple projects at the same time and each needs a different strategy, different workflow, and different skills to accomplish them. Nowadays, if you aren’t multitasking, you won’t even get the job. An employer always looks for a diverse personality who has multiple skills that can be used to accomplish several tasks assigned to one single person rather than assigning it to two or more.

Well, having multiple skills enhances your personality, increases your memory, and keeps you active. We know you might have read many articles warning you to stop multitasking but the fact is otherwise. The way electronic things should be used regularly to avoid getting rusted, your body is too a mechanical device that needs to stay active to avoid getting rusted. It is like an advertiser has to come up with a different set of ideas and those ideas click to your mind when you use them in the best capacity. The more you use your mind, the more it gets sharper. It helps you think creatively and out of the box.

The corporate needs a multitasking personality who may think out of the box, ideate and curate content, market it and at the end look at other assigned work too. However, you will be amazed to know that for working in the public sector too, you are trained as a multitasking person to work on different projects at the same time. This becomes more important if it is a bank, administrative job, or working in any other operational department. The job profiles like SBI PO, DM, SDM are few examples of the multitasking job profile. If you wish to apply, do check the SBI PO syllabus and UPSC syllabus.

A multitasking attitude also reflects your personality. It helps others to make out how beneficial you could be for them at work. If you don’t have the trait to multitask yourself, you will be a complete mess at home and work. Anything needs a complete focus but your multitasking should ensure that you are doing all of the things with minimal effort. If you are finding it hard, stop it right now!

Many people often opt for part-time opportunities with their full-time work. Some do it with all dedication while others find it hard to accomplish their goals. We all know nowadays students work too. Few of them decide to study or prepare for competitive exams like SBI PO while others choose to work full time and then prepare for such exams. If you are the one planning to prepare for the same you must check out SBI PO results for better understanding and clarity. To support the family, their mind knows the need of the hour. When you reach this stage, you have learned and developed leadership and decision-making skills. You learn to manage your time and set your priorities straight where you know what needs to be done.

These skills play a vital role in shaping our future. Real-life experience is always different from what we are taught in our schools. Some of us see hard days while some others are easygoing with their studies and career. The sooner we understand the need to manage things the better we balance our professional and personal life. With our multitasking, we complete our jobs seamlessly. Therefore, being a good multitasker will open more prospects for you. Be it about promotion, joining an MNC, or starting up your own business. The multitasking attitude will help you cross the milestones that you have never thought about.