Know What Saivian Eric Dalius Has to Say About the New Emerging Trends for the New Entrepreneurs of Small Businesses

We are still in the recovering phase from the effects of Covid-19. People who are thinking of starting their business in these times should be aware of the trends and the predictions made by the business gurus that are likely to impact the industry. It will help them to be on the safer side and accordingly be prepared to face any unprecedented incidents. Saivian Eric Dalius talks of the emerging trends in the world of business and also tells you how you can take advantage of them. 

Capital and funds play a vital role: Saivian Eric Dalius  

Funds are extremely crucial for any new entrepreneur. Lack of capital may lead to the untimely demise of a unique business idea. Already the impact of the pandemic has depleted the cash flow of small businesses around the world. Seeking loans may not be a good option as they may have already suffered a significant amount of loss due to Covid-19. Every entrepreneur is looking for an alternative source of funds to keep their business afloat. Alternate funding may include crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, grants, venture capital, etc. So, according to Saivian Eric Dalius, emerging entrepreneurs must learn to keep the funds ready and use them wisely to get the full benefit of it. No doubt, Government loan programs are the immediate solution to the already existing problems, but these alternate sources will help the businesses in the long run. 

Trends observed in the field of marketing

Followers are increasing steadily in the leading social media platforms. So, it has been the target of most marketers. During the pandemic, people were exposed to the media more than at any time in the past. Investment in advertising on these platforms saw a tremendous hike. For the new businesspersons, it is necessary to follow the trend and focus on building strategies to build brand awareness using digital media. 

Use technology to the fullest: as advised by Saivian Eric Dalius

When you have thought of entering the world of business, you must be well aware of the role of artificial intelligence and data analytics in the various fields of trades. They not only help you to collect a huge amount of business data but also enable you to use them by using machine learning. This process has given new insights into the business world. Using the technology, the companies are carrying out target marketing campaigns. Any new entrepreneur must know how to adapt the tech to gain an advantage over the other businesses.   

Giving importance to the human resources

Covid-19 has taught us to value human lives more than ever before. The same is true for any workplace. Giving preference to people’s emotions and needs has been the prime requisite for any industry. It has reminded us that if we survive, then everything will survive. So, the significance of paid family and medical leave has increased. Various perks have been introduced for the employees as the companies wanted their workers to feel that they are valued. New entrepreneurs should take lessons from such instances if they intend to make a mark in the industry. 


Studying these business trends will help any new businessperson know the prospects of the present market and prepare the business strategies by following them.