Know About Some Spectacular Platform Sneakers and Tips to Style Them

The fashion world has been much influenced by the street fashion drive in the previous few years. This fashion trend takes its insight from a casual and young clothing style. Street fashion wear focuses more on its footwear and has therefore developed this very unique and different style of sneakers known as platform sneakers. Just similar to platform heels, sneakers have a broad sole that generally varies from 3 to 10 cm in height. As these sneakers are highly in fashion, here are a few beautiful platform footwear options that would quickly make you look trendy and in style. 

Rich and Colourful Platform Sneakers 

The stunning and colourful sneakers are for all the peppy girls present there. This footwear comes in a mix of pink, blue, yellow, white, grey, and black and will appear excellent with any streetwear clothing. Style it hassle-free with joggers and a baggy hoodie or wear it with a skater dress; the platform sneaker will look awesome no issue what. The sneaker soles are broad, and the shoe is relatively clunkier than different sneakers.  

Black Sneakers 

This wonderful sneaker is the depiction of uptight and all things cool. The sneaker sole is approximately 4 to 5 cms in height, making it ideal for a short-heighted girl. It is entirely black-coloured and is bigger compared to different sneakers. It comes with both lace and velcro closure for ease and will look wonderful with any kind of street fashion wear. The black sneaker can even be adorned with other outfits. 

Stylish Green Platform Footwear 

This footwear is best for short girls who don’t like to wear High heels. This sneaker will make you appear taller without torturing your feet. It is very convenient and presently in style. This platform footwear comes in a lovely combination of white, green, and yellow colours that offer it beauty like nothing else. One more incredible thing about this sneaker is that it does not have a lace closure, not like other shoes, making it very simple to wear and take out.  

White Platform Sneakers 

How magnificent is a white sneaker that would simply look great with any cloth you choose to wear? This sneaker is mainly white with spots of black, blue, yellow, and pink throughout. It attributes a broad sole, such as any sneakers and comes with a lace closing. Wear this special sneaker with light-coloured jeans or put on them with a restive dress to get the most out of these sneakers.  

Black and White Trend 

This sneaker type is all the buildup right now. It comes in a mix of black and white and is the model of style. Whereas the top part of these sneakers is black, and the wide sole is white with a light patch of black just in the mid of the sole. This sneaker can be simply matched with any type of street fashion outfit. 

The Hi-Top Sneakers 

These old-style sneakers with an increased height and ankle support are a must-have in your wardrobe collection. Match it with some ankle jeans and an elemental top, and you are all set for a casual glimpse. 

Leather Sneakers 

Nothing seems more exquisite and classy than a pair of black leather platform sneakers. Style this with an all-black outfit, and enhance the look by wearing a black leather jacket to complement your sneakers. The appearance is unconventional and comfortable, which is best for a brunch date with your buddies. 

The Slip-On Sneakers 

Slip-on and go, that is what these sneakers are made for. They are an effective choice to wear on a regular base. You will surely find these in a range of colours and will get attracted to get one in every colour. 

Chucks with Basic Elements 

Chunks are your basic sneakers with a little elevation. Is not this a pleasant thing? The newly added height provides them with a height twice close to the daily ones. Match it with a midi dress for an overall elegant look. Distressed denim is a good choice to match these sneakers. 

A Few Tips to Care for Your Platform Sneakers So They Stay More

  1. Don’t make them wet. If you do, ensure stuffing them with a towel or newspaper to help them stay in their shape. 
  2. Keep them away from direct sunlight. This would help stop the material from getting faded or deteriorated. 
  3. From time to time, check for sloppy stitching, weary soles, or any other indications of wear and tear. 


Platform sneakers are the latest trend that is taking over now. They are best if you are looking for a more relaxed sneaker and can be worn according to the occasion. If you need more information on these sneakers, then Novo Shoes AU is here to help you.