Pain behind the knee, often known as posterior knee pain, can develop gradually over time or suddenly as a result of an injury. 

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There may be a general soreness, swelling that restricts leg movement, or a severe pain in the back of the knee. The discomfort may be limited to the back of the knee or may spread lower, causing calf pain.

What Is the Cause of Pain Behind the Knee?

Baker’s Cyst

The most prevalent cause of back or knee pain is a Bakers cyst. A Bakers Cyst is the most prevalent source of pain below the knee.

Bakers’ cysts form when extra fluid in the knee joint leaks into the popliteal bursa, causing it to enlarge.

Bakers Cyst symptoms include tightness and soreness behind the knee that worsens when walking, kneeling, or bending the knee.

Treatment for a popliteal cyst focuses on lowering swelling and pain below the knee, and in severe situations, your doctor may need to drain the fluid.

The Bakers Cyst Knee area has a wealth of information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

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Sprain of a Ligament

A ligament sprain is another common source of pain behind the knee, which occurs when one of the knee ligaments becomes overstretched and tears.

A large force through the knee or abrupt twisting motions, such as quick pivoting when sprinting in cleats/studs, are the most common causes of knee ligament rips.

Knee instability, edema, and bruising are common symptoms of a ligament sprain, and the related pain behind the knee can lead to knee stiffness and difficulties walking. 

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Tear in the Posterior Cartilage

A tear in the cartilage at the back of the knee is another typical cause of pain behind the knee.

Cartilage damage can occur quickly as a result of an injury or gradually as a result of wear and strain.

Swelling, instability, and trouble straightening the leg are common symptoms of cartilage injuries, and the knee may lock up in some cases.

A cartilage tear usually causes pain behind the knee when walking, running, climbing stairs, or squatting. 

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Knee Pain Treatments

Knee Treatment for Bakers Cyst  

There are several treatment options for a popliteal cyst, including ice, injections, and medication, but exercises are one of the most helpful, especially for preventing the condition from returning. Muscle weakness and tightness around the knee can increase friction and pressure on the bursa, causing it to enlarge.


With a knee injury, the PRICE principles – Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate – are usually the best immediate line of treatment. This reduces knee pain and swelling while also hastening healing.

Visit the PRICE treatment area to learn how to use all of the major aspects safely and successfully.

Knee Rehabilitation

After a few days, when you can move your knee comfortably, you can begin basic exercises to rebuild your knee’s strength, movement, and function. Exercises are critical following a knee sprain to ensure a thorough recovery and avoid the danger of additional injury due to persistent instability.

A mix of workouts for the various groups of knee muscles is most effective. Visit the knee strengthening exercises section for detailed information on exercises and how to advance them effectively to regain full function after a sprain.

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