Replacing your home windows seems like an appalling task. It’s necessary to consider the material, type, location, and style of your windows for better understanding of estimated costs. On an average, the price of replacing a mid-price double-hung window is approximately $600, but this price can range anywhere between $200 and $1,200. Let’s have a look at the main factors that affect the cost of replacement windows.

The key cost factors to consider when selecting your windows are the window type and the material of the frame. Other things will also effect the cost, such as energy-efficient upgrades, location of your windows, and the brand you select to buy. Let’s now discuss these factors without further delay. 

Window frame material

The material of the window frame will have great impact on both aesthetics and cost. The selection of frame material will identify the available brand options to you, the price of the window, and the long-term maintenance cost. Here the suggestion is to choose the high-quality material so that you can avoid high maintenance costs. 

The most common materials used for window frame are wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. The composite and fiberglass windows are much expensive as compared to vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows. 

For example, composite windows can range anywhere between $500 and $800 per unit. Fiberglass windows can cost between $800 and $1,200 per unit. Vinyl windows cost between $200 and $500. Wooden windows price range between $300 and $600 whereas the cost of aluminum windows can be between $100 and $400 per unit. These are all average costs for a regular size double-hung window. 

Window size and type 

The size of the window can directly impact its price. The big the size of the window, the high the price. However, the window type also effect its price. The most popular type of windows chosen by homeowners are single-hung, double-hung, casement, picture, skylight, and sliding. For any of these window type and size, you can get free estimates for windows replacement in Toronto, ON. 

Glass type and energy-efficiency 

If you are fed up with your noisy street or want to reduce your utility bills, then you should choose energy-efficient and double-paned glass windows such as double glazing Bristol from Polar Bear WIndows, which provides noise cancellation and good insulation value.

If you desire to get extra benefits, you can also select argon-filled glass that helps provide both noise cancellation and frost resistance. Some other options are triple-paned glass, Low-E coatings, and laminated glass that reduce ultraviolet light without affecting your view. 

On average houses with upgraded windows have observed a saving of 12% in energy bills. But here it’s important to state that energy-efficient windows can be more expensive than their counterparts, so you need to invest a huge sum of money. 

Other factors

Besides the material, size, and type of windows, some other factors also play their role in determining the cost of windows. Like, for instance, you have an old house with windows that don’t have a standard size, then you may need to place a big custom order. This can raise your costs by 25% to 50% based on the window material and type. Book your order for custom windows from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors.