Key Advantages of Cloud-Based Video Intercom Over Traditional Systems

In the past, businesses have relied on traditional tools and techniques for functions relating to communications. Typically, this was held in the form of landline calling, printed messages, or by mere oral communication. Although this system has been adequate and sufficient for some time, it quickly falls apart when faced with modern business loads. This issue is the primary motivation why businesses are now actively seeking a more modern and cost effective alternative to traditional communication systems. In this article, we are going to talk about cloud-based video intercoms and we’ll explain why it is a much better system overall.

Speed and Efficiency

If we take a closer look at traditional communication systems, we can clearly notice that it is inherently slower. This is because such a system relies too heavily on processes that are fundamentally susceptible to delays and errors. As a result, the entire business operation is effectively running at a much slower and more inefficient rate. In comparison, modern systems, such as cloud-based video intercom, involve a lot more automation and integration. This means that there are less things that could go wrong. Additionally, modern systems make use of modern technology and equipment. This means that the tools involved in such a system are faster, more capable, higher capacity, and more reliable.

Maintenance Costs

Another key difference with modern systems is that they are generally less expensive to maintain. Although you will have to pay for electricity, you effectively avoid having to pay as much and as often for things like physical check-up and diagnosis, repairs, etc. Knowing that systems like these are typically kept for longer periods of time, the savings you get from having a modern system will compound and add up. At the end of the day, considering the entire lifespan of this investment, you get more value out of cloud-based video intercom than traditional systems.


You also get a higher degree of safety in a cloud-based video intercom system. This could be due to multiple factors, including but not limited to, end-to-end encryption, access control, granting/revocation of permissions, and biometric identification. All of these features add up to create a communication platform that is much less prone to infiltration, internal failures, and other types of security threats.

Convenience and Accessibility

This is perhaps the greatest advantage when it comes to cloud-based video intercom systems. Generally speaking, these systems feature better convenience and accessibility for users and operators.  Because of this, all of the people within the establishment will be more incentivised to regularly communicate with each other. If and when this happens, we typically get more cohesion out of everyone, leading to a more unified workforce and a more satisfied client base. At the end of the day, modern systems contribute to both the productivity of the employees and to the clients’ satisfaction.


Through the use of cloud-based video intercom, the business effectively modernizes its entire operations. This means that such a system will be expected to remain relevant and compatible with any future platforms. Because of this, we won’t have to update or upgrade again after some time, thereby saving us significant costs down the line.

Reliability and Dependability

Finally, cloud-based video intercom systems are also a lot more reliable as compared to its traditional counterpart. With the benefit of being a cloud-based system, it features data sync, backup, and effective retrieval. This would mean that the business can rely on these systems even for very sensitive and essential data. This relatively high degree of reliability and dependability will directly translate to both the business’ confidence in its operations as well as to the satisfaction of the clients. Through the use of such a system, there is a greater likelihood of gaining new clients and they will also be more inclined to stay and remain with the company.