Kelly Clarkson Scam – Is Kelly Clarkson?

Who doesn’t love gifts? And especially when these giveaways are organized or related to our favorite personalities or idols? We all do it!

Today at Kelly Clarkson Scam, we are talking about something very similar.

It’s about the famous singer based in the United States, Kelly Clarkson, whose own talk show hosted a special raffle for the holidays with 12 gifts in all.

Read the article to find out all about it and if the giveaway was genuine or a scam.

is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson was born in the United States and is a singer, actress, author, songwriter, and television personality. She began to be recognized after winning the first season of American Idol in 2002. Her debut song of hers topped the American Billboard Hot 100 chart in the same year.

She has won 3 Grammy Awards, 4 American Music Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards, and 1 Daytime Emmy Award.

She also serves as a coach on The Voice and hosts her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

What is the Kelly Clarkson giveaway?

Kelly Clarkson’s talk show had recently hosted a 12-day drawing for all adult residents of the US The giveaway made everyone wonder if it was a genuine gift or not.

Anyone eligible for the sweepstakes had the opportunity to participate daily in the sweepstakes by registering on the website

The Christmas countdown drawing began on December 8 and ended on December 24, 2020. Prizes included Kelly Clarkson signed decorations, a pair of her virtual show tickets, her swag bag, purse and mask, bottles of wine, mugs for drinks, a set of wine glasses, and vinyl records of his famous songs.

We don’t think Kelly Clarkson Scam is real. The giveaway was genuine and not a fraud.

People’s reactions:

Her fans and supporters went crazy after hearing the news of the raffle on her Twitter account. She received a lot of love and warmth from fans for organizing the giveaway.

What surprised me the most was that each person could participate in the raffle again.

When the news broke, one fan wrote that a unique signed ornament on the first day of the giveaway was tremendous, and that the Kelly Christmas Countdown giveaway is a good thing to do. He also added that he was wondering what else will be in store for the giveaway.

Some thought Kelly Clarkson Scam was real for this giveaway. And some were also upset that the giveaway was for US residents only.

What do you think of this giveaway? Was it a good initiative for the fans? Let us know in the comments below.

Final verdict:

After releasing two new songs for this holiday season, Kelly Clarkson announced her Christmas Countdown giveaway. Fans were already happy with her new releases, and this additional news increased her excitement.

Each person could re-enter the 12-day drawing that began on December 8 and ended on December 24, 2020. There were prizes in the drawing, including some autographed Kelly decorations.

Some people thought this giveaway was a Kelly Clarkson scam because there was no information on the winners. But we want to tell you that this is not true.