Karwa Chauth 2022- Date, Time, Pooja Vidhi & Gift Ideas

India is famous for its festivals. All festivals are way too different from each other. India celebrates all the relationships a person has in his/her life. For example Raksha Bandhan for sibling bond, Diwali for homecoming of Lord Rama after years of exile and the win of good over evil. Similarly, there is one more festival which celebrates the bond of spouses i.e. Karwa Chauth. It is the festival of partners: husband and wife. It explains the love between them. It is mainly celebrated by Hindu women of Northern India. But women from different religions are witnessed to perform it for a longer and healthier life of their spouses. 

What is karwa chauth?

Karwa chauth is meant for married women. On the day of karwa chauth, the married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the longevity, safety and for healthier lives of their husbands. They can have food, which is called Sargi before the sunrise and can eat online after worshiping the moon at night. In between, they perform a pooja, in the afternoon time. They dressed like brides for the Pooja. And it’s mandatory to cover their heads with red dupatta during the Pooja as it is the sign of marriage. Women from Northern India, i.e., Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh perform it. 


The rituals of karwa chauth are slightly different from state to state but the basic,pre-dawn food and the Puja ceremony and  eating after worshiping moon is same everywhere. 

In most of the states, during Puja, the fasting women sit collectively in a circle, repeatedly sing a song while performing the feris, which means passing their thalis around in the circle. 

 Women start preparing for karwa chauth in advance. They are all very excited about karwa chauth as it is the biggest festival for them. They buy adornments, jewellery, mathis(Indian snack, used in Puja) , karwa lamps and decorative Puja thalis. They also apply henna on their hands for the big day. They buy new Indian dresses like lehengas, sarees, suits etc. The oldies believe in wearing bright colours on this day as it will keep their life bright ahead. 

The local bazaars get flooded with public. They put on display all the karwa chauth items. 

The pre-dawn food (sargi)is meant to be gifted by the mother-in-laws in case they live far away. And if they live with them, they are meant to prepare the pre-dawn food. Sargi contains a special dish called feniya. It’s like a very thin pasta strand dipped in milk with sugar. Some mother-in-laws also gift the karwa chauth dress to their daughter-in-laws. 

Mythologically, the  story behind this festival is about a queen Veeravati who was about to lose her husband due to an illness. And at that time she prayed to God , walked barefoot and fasted for her husband’s life. After all her sacrifices and prayers, her husband got better and from that day it became a tradition to fast one day for husband’s long and healthy life. 


There are certain rules, which are to be considered while women perform karwa chauth fasting.

  1. Initially, it is mandatory for all the women to bathe and wear fresh or new clothes before sunrise.
  2. After that, a woman has to pray and then only consume food given by her mother-in-law.
  3. Sargi thali should contain all these essentials: Solah Sringar, bangles, new attire, sweets, fruits, meethi seviyan (vermicelli), puri, sabzi, and a beverage. The Sargi food is meant to be Satvik which means it should be cooked without garlic and onion. 
  4. Once the sun arises women are not allowed to eat anything or drink anything, even water.
  5. In the evening, it is mandatory to all women to worship the moon and their husbands before having water.

Karwa chauth 2022 Timings 

Karwa Chauth 2022 will be observed on October 13.

Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat is from 05:59 pm to 07:13 pm.

Moonrise on Karwa Chauth is predicted to be around 08:31.

Karwa chauth gifts

Karwa chauth has a deep meaning. The day consists of pure love, respect and sacrifice. Your wives fast for the whole day only for your better health and life. In return they do deserve something. Something which is made out of love and devotion. Something really special. You can gift her jewellery,makeup, bags, footwear etc. But if you have already gifted her all such items in the past then go for something new. Think of something new and lovable. It might be tricky and difficult. And men always feel problematic while thinking of her gift. But this year you can go for Karwa chauth gift hampers. They are the modern way of showing love, care and affection. 


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