BK8 Malaysia

Sportsbooks like BK8 choose to concentrate on certain areas rather than serve consumers from all over the globe, as do many of its competitors. Asian-based players are of special interest to BK8 Malaysia Online Casino. There are numerous platforms and welcoming offers for different countries in Southeast Asia in this comprehensive package. In addition to catering to Malaysian players, the company provides additional products for those in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

As a BK8 Malaysia user, you may choose Malay as your preferred language, utilise ringgits, and access popular local payment methods. In addition to the normal payment options for online gaming and other important currencies, this is now possible. Sports events in Asia are the primary emphasis of the product’s offerings, but the company’s global reach extends beyond that. The platform is top-notch, and there are a few useful extras. Finally, BK8 isn’t only a sportsbook; it’s also a casino. You may also play at the online casino, poker, lotto, and virtual sports.

The First Online Casino in Malaysia to Adopt Cryptocurrency

Think about it, Malaysia has authorised the usage of cryptocurrencies, so what excuse do you have for not joining up for BK8’s online services today? Perhaps a lack of familiarity with the BK8 casino cryptocurrency is to blame. Then, here’s a summary of what’s going on.

This implies that you may get your weekly MYR28 worth of BK8 Angpow only by making a deposit in USDT coins. Another excellent news for everyone is that if you make your initial deposit of USDT at BK8 online casino, you may win a brand-new Ferrari. Crypto casino games are available on this online gaming site, which accepts both regular and cryptocurrency payments. In order to ensure transparency, BK8 has developed its own gaming software that is Blockchain-integrated.

Depositing and withdrawing funds in USDT are lightning fast. There is no restriction on the kind of games you may play on BK8 if you use the USDT coin. With the same layout, you can play all of your favourite games while collecting your wins. If you’re sceptical about utilising this payment method, know that BK8 has been operating for many years and your money is secure with us since the casino is one of Malaysia’s most reputable online casinos.

Join The Amazing Crypto Lucky Draw

If you deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT into your BK8 account, you will be eligible to win a prize pool of 1 BTC! There are many options for submitting an application for this award. If you have a MYR account on the platform, you’ll be able to access it. 

This offer is open to any and all VIP members, regardless of their membership status. To be eligible for the lucky draw, all you have to do is make a deposit of at least MYR 200 using Bitcoin, Ether, or USDT during the promotion period. You should keep in mind that for every MYR 200 that you deposit using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ether, or USDT as your payment option, you will get one (1) entry into the lucky draw. 

A deposit of MYR 2000 enables the participant to ten raffle tickets, with each ticket worth MYR 100. Beginning in May 2022, winners will be announced. The bitcoin addresses of the winners will be used to transfer the rewards to them.

Claim Weekly Crypto Deposit Bonus with BK8

Get an additional bonus of up to MYR 888 a week if you deposit with Crypto today! BK8’s weekly crypto bonus will be explained in more detail. Members of the MYR account are the only ones who may use this feature. A minimum of MYR 1,000 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT must be deposited by each member within a week in order to participate in this campaign. 

Weekly cumulative crypto deposit calculations must be completed between 00:00:00 UTC on Monday and 23:59:59 UTC on Sunday. At the conclusion of each week, members’ eligibility will be reviewed, and those who qualify will be informed by email on Monday. 

To get the bonus, eligible members must contact our Customer Service through live chat within seven (7) days. Following customer service authentication, members will get their rewards in their selected method of payment. A single prize application may be made by each qualifying member once a week.

Other Methods of Payment for BK8

There are a variety of ways to pay in each country. Your BK8 Malaysia account may be financed in a variety of ways.

If you choose the ‘Quick Pay’ option, you may make a deposit right away. Touch ‘n Go and EeziePay are only two of the many ways you may fund your account. Alternatively, you may use a bank transfer or a digital currency such as Bitcoin. There are a number of different cryptocurrencies that may be used with this system.

In terms of withdrawals, players have fewer alternatives, with the only two being bank transfers or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. BK8 often approves withdrawal requests in a timely manner, and processing delays aren’t too bad.

The Ending Thoughts

For a sportsbook, BK8 checks virtually all of the right boxes. A wide range of wagering options are available, including a strong mobile presence and a slew of tempting bonuses at BK8. You will be able to use all of BK8’s features immediately after signing up.