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In the article, Jody Ledgerwood,we are talking about the opportunity rally held in Vancouver. We would be satisfied if you would look at our article.

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Jody is a realtor or a real estate professional. She hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She joined a meeting on New Years’ eve while everyone was in their homes. The meeting was brought ‘Embraces over Masks.’ After the occurrence, Jody Ledgerwood was approached to resign from her job.

Insights regarding The Incident

On New years’ eve, the assembly ‘Embraces over Masks’ was held. While others in Cobourg spent a somewhat dull eve, Jody went to a party/rally in Cobourg, Vancouver. The occasion was named as NYE Freedom Dance Party (Rally). The party was from 8 pm till 12:30 pm. The Dance party/rally held external the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Nobody wore veils at the party. The meeting was an enemy of lockdown and against Covid rule on social occasion, Ledgerwood expressed. Jody was spotted yelling at the camera in a video, and individuals encompassed her.

Subtleties Of Jody Ledgerwood

Jody has a place with the town of Cobourg, Canada. She is a realtor. Ledgerwood has over 10 years of involvement with the field of land. She served the situation of President at Northumberland Association of Realtors. Furthermore, Jody was previous Director of Northumberland Players.

After the NYE rally episode, the Northumberland Association of Realtors guided Jody to resign from her job. The Association didn’t allow her a solitary opportunity to substantiate herself. They didn’t let her present any clarification, and the Association advised her to leave.

After the party occurrence, she got a ton of disdain. Jody Ledgerwood confronted brutal reaction from individuals via online media and individuals locally.

Different Details

Jody consistently regarded and adhered to the guidance on Covid-19 set out by the Association. She is an expert, and she knows its significance. According to the conversation, joining the opportunity rally was her own undertaking. What’s more, it steered clear of her expert life.

The occurrence became visible after she posted recordings of the opportunity party on her online media. Numerous media houses connected with her for interviews. Be that as it may, she declined, as her own life considers a make a difference to be examined freely, says Jody Ledgerwood.

Further, the Northumberland Association of Realtors additionally chose not to deliver any immediate assertions. Authorities of the Association likewise stood from any meetings. The main assertion delivered was that they would act in the best will of the Association and its individuals.


For sure it was her own undertaking, and it contrarily influenced her expert life. Regularly individuals have various conclusions as people and as experts. Taking everything into account, everybody ought to be given the appropriate right to introduce their clarification.

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