Is WordPress important to learn for web developers?

WordPress is one of the most renowned open-source content management systems based on PHP and MySQL programming languages. It empowers more than 33% of the websites on the internet, and with each passing day more and more sites owners are adapting to WordPress CMS because of its ease and flexibility. For this reason, to have expertise in WordPress web development web developers must upskill; learn some must-have technologies for WordPress development. It can be a daunting task for a company to find the right professional WordPress developer in the marketplace.

So, let us dig deeper to learn what WordPress is? Who is called a WordPress developer? What essential skills are required for a developer to become a full-stack WordPress developer London? And what advantages does WordPress offer?

First, What Do You Mean by WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source, simple-to-use content management system (CMS) used for the creation and updating of content online such as websites. WordPress is written using PHP and MySQL database along with using programming and markup languages which includes HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript. However, the creators of WordPress have made the platform simple, easy, and free on

Not to mention, people often get demented with – it’s the paid services developed by WordPress. Originally it was developed as a blogging platform by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. There are multitudes of websites created via WordPress eCommerce, membership, blogging, event, forum, e-Learning, portfolio, and wedding websites-for instance.

So, Who Is a WordPress Developer?

A professional with hands-on experience and familiarity with basic coding, formatting, and structure of WordPress software is called a WordPress developer. That said, traditionally to use the WordPress platform a non-technical person doesn’t require a learning programming language. But web developers must possess expertise and knowledge on how to create a custom-made website for clients according to the business prerequisites.

Furthermore, a web developer must be familiar with other programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create dynamic web pages for the clients. Join Java online course today to learn more about Java programming languages from scratch.

Besides this, there are three main categories a WordPress developer may fall in, which are:

Plugin Developer

Plugins are the add-ons on any website that extend the functionality of a website. They are the preferred way to make changes on the website without making any alteration in the core WordPress files. And a WordPress plugin developer is the one who is responsible for the development of the plugin. For example, one famous and pre-installed plugin on the WordPress website is Louis Armstrong’s song ‘Hello Dolly’, which displays the line from the song.

Core Developer

A Core Developer is the one who works on the core WordPress software at the back-end of the platform. To add, they write code to amplify the WordPress functionality for the better development of the website. The core developers, based on their programming language expertise, work towards creating great WP products for clients.

Theme Developer

Themes are basically the layout a user sees on the website. Theme plays a vital role in creating a seamless customer experience as well as reflecting the overall design of any website. It comes as a part of front-end development; the theme developer designs the custom theme according to business needs. Also, is laden with thousands of free themes to start with, but to create unique experiences for website users you may need to pay some amount to theme developers for customization.

Then, What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress?

WordPress permits web developers to create a highly customizable site according to client preference, making it a popular CMS among developers.

Here are some top reasons why developers favor WP over other platforms for site development:

Extensive Support to All Media Types

All the media file type’s image, videos, audio, and documents in various formats like – .jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .gif, .mp3, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .m4a, and .pptx are easily accepted in WordPress platform without any prejudice. Besides these some vague media types are also compatible with WP namely .key, .3gp, and .odt.

Massive Help Community

Similar to other open-source software platforms, WordPress also has a large helpful community ready to answer queries at any given time. New information is shared in the community; the developer can always update their knowledge base, stay informed with new information.

Highly Extensible

Another astounding benefit of WP is its expendability. Being an open-source platform means globally the developers are contributing towards making WordPress landscape better and the best. Unlike other website builders, only basic changes are accepted but with WordPress the developers can go to maximum limits to add functionality such as new plugins or themes. Expert developers don’t have to settle for what is available; they are free to add what’s best for the website development.

Simple and Easy to Use

The word easy is often associated with the WordPress platform, do you know the reason? WP offers five-minute installations along with simple support guides. On top of this, the great customization and security offered by the WordPress platform also make it the most compelling CMS to create fully- responsive and dynamic websites. Some of the most popular websites using WordPress are Microsoft, The Rolling Stones, BBC America, Katy Perry, Whitehouse.Gov, and The New York Times.

Optimization Is Quick

One of the leading search engines Google pays a lot of emphasis to user experience such as website load time, content quality, and image quality to rank the webpage. So, every WordPress site is fully SEO (search engine optimization)-friendly. To put it simply, in a WordPress site Meta titles, tags, and keywords are defined for every page along with speed optimization.


To create a functional and responsive website in just a few minutes, WordPress is the best-suited platform. With a beautiful and informative website, you may generate visitors, more leads, and more revenue. However, to enhance the website core theme, its layout, functionality, and responsiveness – a skilled WordPress developer London is perfect to partner with. A WordPress developer can maintain the website according to requirement, customize any theme, and most importantly troubleshoot the problem with software whenever needed.