Is Twitch Streaming Just for Gamers?

The online space has done a lot to bring us closer to one another.

From its inception, the internet has always been about connecting people. The earliest days of the internet were filled with basic chat systems that allowed people to interact in new and exciting ways.

A few years later, social media came onto the scene. It quickly exploded in popularity. People loved having the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in quick, easy to grasp blurbs.

Perhaps even more though, people love keeping up with their online friends. They love the sense of closeness the internet can bring with people to who they’re not physically close.

While this was already a clear reality before, the pandemic accentuated this more than ever.

When social distancing measures were instituted, almost everyone turned to the internet for a sense of social interaction and connection. We needed to feel connected despite our physical isolation.

And now that those measures have largely eased, the internet remains a very big part of how we interact. We’ve grown used to the convenience and sense of safety and comfort that comes with being social through a screen.

One of the best examples of this is the streaming platform Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform designed for content creators. It functions by connecting streamers to an audience of interested people. The streamer simply records themselves doing whatever it is that they choose to do, and users are free to tune in.

What makes Twitch fairly unique is that it focuses predominantly on screen sharing. Rather than the content creator simply recording themselves, they record their screens and share that with their audience.

Twitch streamers can incorporate recordings of themselves into the stream as well, though they aren’t required to do so.

The audience can comment and interact both with the streamer and with other audience members in real-time.

Twitch can also be a great way for digital entrepreneurs to make money. Users can subscribe to a streamer’s channel.

Once a twitch streamer amasses a large enough following, Twitch pays them for their streams. They do this by taking a portion of the paid premium accounts and diverting it to streamers based on their following.

Is Twitch Just for Gaming?

While Twitch is definitely used for gaming, it’s a common misconception that only gamers use the platform.

Many Twitch streamers stream themselves doing things completely unrelated to gaming. They may record themselves watching TV shows or movies. This can provide plenty of entertainment value to the right demographic.

Some Twitch streamers even use the platform to teach. Any digital skillset that can be taught using the screen recording feature, meaning you can host a class on web design or coding.

What many people don’t understand about the platform is that a lot of the users simply enjoy the feeling of “hanging out” with the streamers. They aren’t as concerned about the activity as they are about the content creator.

If you have an attractive personality and want to stream but aren’t into video games, don’t let that discourage you. Twitch can still be a very lucrative and enjoyable time investment. You just need to be yourself.


Twitch is a streaming platform that allows streamers to share their screens with whoever wants to tune in.

While the platform is heavily gamer-focused, there is plenty of opportunity for other activities to shine as well.

If you’re considering streaming on Twitch but don’t want to play video games, give it a shot. The audience is more concerned with entertaining people than with what they’re doing.