Is Themahjongline com Legit – What is Themahjongline com?

We all respect our cultural games. These are old games, and the people of the United States love to spend time with them. Mahjongline is one of the old tile games. Today’s content will focus on checking Is Themahjongline com Legit, as Themahjongline com is a site that offers its huge collection of ancient Chinese games for people.

What are its specifications? Do you offer good service to your customers? If these questions also come to mind, read the content provided below. We hope that all your questions are answered.

Is Themahjongline com legit?

The site was registered on January 9, 2020. Since the site’s domain is too old, this is a positive indication for the site. By viewing the page about us, we were able to see full details about their mission, business establishment and much more information.

The site has a social media presence and is active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. The site’s Facebook page is not opening due to some technical issue, while its Instagram account is well-maintained with over 3000 followers.

The site has shared your contact number and address, but when we saw your address on the Google map, the store location looks inappropriate.

The site is legitimate as it has a secure HTTP connection and the age of its domain is old too. So folks, if you want to try your mahjong tiles, you can.

What is Themahjongline com?

This online site offers buyers American mahjong chips and accessories. The site has a collection of various colorful mahjong mosaics. In addition, the cost price of the tiles is also authentic.

If you do not know mahjong, to give you all the information, the site has offered its complete series of videos that provide step-by-step information on how to play this game. The site wants its customers to know its brief history before buying mahjong. So the Mahjong tales are provided by the site.

This game has a rich history in the United States because people love to play American Mahjong. The mission of the site is to bring art, fun and color to people’s lives.

The site has become the hot topic for discussion among people as it has made some variations on Chinese culture. But if you’re still not convinced by Is Themahjongline com Legit, let’s gather more information about it.

Specifications of Themahjongline com

• Site type: an online store that sells mahjong tile sets

• The company’s email address: [email protected]

• Company address: 3737 Well Street, suite 209 Dallas.

• Phone number: (214)954-7482

• Shipping cost: the site offers free shipping for orders over $ 100

• Delivery time: takes two business days.

• Return: within 14 days after the date of receipt

• Refund: both partial and full refunds are available.

Advantages of Themahjongline com

• The site has made use of a secure connection.

• The site is available on four different social media platforms.

• Items available on the site are priced at genuine cost.

• The about us page of the site is very informative and shares many details.

• The site’s email address matches your domain name.

Cons of Themahjongline com

• The address of the store shared by the site seems inappropriate.

• Themahjongline com reviews are not available online.

What are people saying about this site?

This site is old but has not received customer feedback. Many people have followed them on social media and liked their posts. They have shared their opinions on social media. Many people appreciate the efforts made by the site to provide the mahjong tile set to the people.

As such, no reviews are found when we search for it, but people have supported this site on social media and add a positive point in the question Is Themahjongline com legit?


Our content has answered all the questions raised above. The site is old and informative. Even the person who does not know this game can get complete knowledge about the game from the videos and the stories. The cost price is also genuine, so we can buy it easily.

Reviews on social media give us proof that the site is legitimate. As the site has become a topic of discussion, you can explore more about it. Do we hope we were successful in answering Is Themahjongline com Legit?