Is testosterone good for muscle loss?

The male sex hormone that is resposnibe for male sexual development and functions is the testosterone. In the development stages of young boys, this hormone helps with the development of male features like deep voice, facial and pubic hair and muscle strength. 

While testosterone is primarily responsible for masculine features in men, it is relatively low in women. Testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands for women, and in the testicles for men. 

The production of testosterone increases to almost 30 times more during puberty and early adulthood. However, the natural levels dip slightly each year after early adulthood. After the age of 30, the testosterone levels decline with at least one percent each year. 

Difference in men and women

Old age comes with so many vulnerabilities. While others can be treated and managed, others just occur naturally, and may not have any containment measures. 

As people age, they lose a substantial amount of strength and stamina. The normal process of ageing includes losing muscle mass, reduced strength, and less flexibility in the muscles. 

These drastic changes, although occurring gradually, may be frustrating to any individual. 

The experience of old age, and losing muscle mass is however not the same for men and women. Several studies have shown that men actually lose more muscle mass than women of the same age. 

And while the actual cause for that hasn’t been fully established, researchers believe the difference could be occasioned by predominantly male hormone testosterone. 

Which brings us the question;

How is testosterone levels related to muscle loss?

As earlier mentioned, testosterone hormone is immensely responsible for male features. Apart from developing sex fetatures, this male dominant hormone is asloresponsole for building muscle mass and strength in yong men. 

The testosterone levels decrease with old age. That essentially means the loss of muscle mass, strength and self-esteem. 

Interestingly, studies have also revealed that relatively older men with high testosterone levels don’t experience massive muscle loss. 

Can testosterone help with muscle loss?

The truth is that as you age, you are likely to become weaker and vulnerable to so many diseases. It is also true that you will lose some weight, and become generally frail. 

Nonetheless, there are several ways to help you retain your muscle strength and prevent many of the pitfalls that accompany natural aging. One of such ways is to buy sarms supplements online and help your body fight these old age frailties. 

Testosterone is vital for many other aspects of your body. However, in old age, this hormone can help your body feel young once more and walk you comfortably into your golden years. 

Low testosterone levels will massively contribute to loss of muscle and strength. But more than that, it can also result in fatigue, bone loss and irregular sleeping patterns. Testosterone is responsible for helping your muscles maintain the strength and flexibility of your muscle fibres. 


Aging should not be a gate pass to loss of muscle mass and strength. If you suspect low T levels, you can always talk to your doctor and work out a better way of restoring them.