Is stainless steel safe in the mouth?

The oral cavity is the most sensitive body opening that requires special care each day and night. Many fail to realize how important it is to maintain cleanliness and dental hygiene. Cavities are more susceptible in the ones with poor dental care and spread of the same to multiple tooth pieces. Of all the dental crowns, the stainless steel dental crown is the most affordable choice to contain the damage treated tooth. Their silver colour which is spotted easily from the presence amongst the whitish enamel of real teeth, gets many embarrassed. 

Yet, stainless steel teeth sets are predominantly used for temporary crownings of the tooth structure, so that the dentist gets the perfect fit in the white dental crowns made of porcelain, ceramic and zirconia. Usually, the white crowns are readily available but as part of complex dental procedures, the stainless steel dental crown is used for temporary phases in the treatment. Their dark colour is usually cited for their seatings in the molars than the front tooth restorations. If you want a wide array of options to choose from, you should get a cap or implant restoration in avon lake.

How safe are the stainless steel crowns (SSC)?

Of all the dental crowns, the SSC are much safer and bolder to ensure the well-being of the tooth encased under its cover. These are great for a time being as well as prolonged protection until the tooth matures enough to stand by its own.

  • SSC are stronger than ceramic and porcelain tooth crowns
  • Do not require replacements once properly seated
  • Non-reactive and non-corrosive properties of the steel alloy
  • Trimmable SSC for modifying the crown dimensions
  • It is more feasible than the gold caps and safer than brittle porcelain crowns for molar teeth, which are subjected to higher bite forces than the front tooth.
  • Addresses the needs of both baby tooth and adult tooth alike.
  • Easy to seat and clean but are hard to remove, shake off and develop cracks.

For the influx of multiple decays, the dental bridge is suitable for seating the stainless steel dental crown, tooth sets. These implants are conducted under experienced and qualified dental supervision. The stainless steel tooth crown is seated only after the tooth is filed down, that is, it’s sides are trimmed to make space for the crown placement. This is all conducted under the impression of local anaesthesia or numbing of the gum tissue surrounding the ailing tooth.

The SSC is so effective that in single treatment, these last for years to come until the primary tooth falls out in order to make way for the permanent tooth. The saliva, food items chomped on, do not bother this crown as it remains dormant in all such activities and cares for the tooth requiring it’s shielding through artificial covering. Highly tolerant to chewing force, drinks and food units consumed do not stick to its surface similar to the natural tooth enamel and tooth recesses.


The stainless steel dental crowns are popular all across the world to shield the back tooth of the most necessitous persons. There is no match to the purpose the SSC serves to aid the tooth, apart from its colour that bothers a bit, but is conveniently adjusted through their seating in the molars.