Sir Walter Buffalo grass was engineered to be rugged but robust and attractive! Sir Walter offers your lawn a rich green appearance that other types do not. Sir Walter buffalo grass has a track record of success in hot and dry conditions. Even prominent dealers like Sydney Lawn And Turf recommend it a lot.  It requires less irrigation and is a low-maintenance lawn, requiring less mowing and fertilizing than other grass kinds. Sir Walter is hypoallergenic and suitable for the environment. It is also resistant to disease and fungus and weeds and insects. Not only will Sir Walter Buffalo grass provide you with a lovely lawn, but you will also benefit from the following three reasons why Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is the ideal choice for lawn:

Here are the explanations why Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a good choice:

1. All-Year-Long Pleasure

The primary goal of installing an excellent lawn is to provide an appealing outdoor environment for play and relaxation.

  • breathing in the fresh air,
  • giving your mind and eyes a rest from screen time, 
  • and gaining access to the sun’s Vitamin D. 

Many homeowners like Sir Walter grass because it is a hardy turf that can grow in any Australian environment. Sir Walter Buffalo grass is shade tolerant, drought-resistant, and evergreen, ideal for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

2. Simple to Maintain

Because of its low care needs, Sir Walter buffalo grass is a popular choice in Melbourne and throughout Australia. In addition, because this grass species can develop deep root systems with little water, it may survive throughout the hotter months without drying up. Suppose you install Sir Walter buffalo grass according to suggested instructions or hire a professional to do it for you. In that case, you will lay a solid foundation for a long-lasting, attractive lawn. Mowing to a length of 4-6cm as needed is advised, as is frequent watering throughout the year.

3. Enhanced Property Value

Homebuyers, particularly in Melbourne, are now paying close attention to houses’ entertainment and leisure options. Landscapers, architects, and home improvement professionals consider Sir Walter buffalo grass ideal for upgrading any outdoor space. Sir Walter buffalo grass is ideal for townhouses or front lawns, huge backyards, or manicured spaces. Homebuyers and renters will be enticed by the vivid green and silky blades of Sir Walter buffalo lawn and will likely envision a healthy and happy existence in a home with a lush lawn. Your initial lawn investment will be repaid over time.


The Sir Walter Buffalo Grass will always stand firm under adverse weather conditions and no upkeep. However, there are several things you should do if you want to go the additional mile and help your lawn look its best. First, it is advised that you purchase fertilizers explicitly designed for this type of grass since they will include all of the necessary nutrients, and you will not have to apply them separately. Even though there is very little probability of a pest invasion, always inspect your lawn and, if you see any symptoms of an infestation, take care of it right away.