The short answer is yes. Perforated window vinyl is also referred to as “see-through” or “window perf” and has become very popular in the advertising arena in recent times. However, it’s only a one-way see-through as it blocks inside visibility for people outside the store while allowing those inside to view the outside. They are used in many application areas such as cars, restaurants, storefronts, gyms and spas, and more. You can expect to find window perforated with many graphic designers and window tint manufacturers. Still, it would help if you were specific when making inquiries to avoid confusing them with other vinyl film categories. Ask your potential graphics designer if they do perforated window decals

How does a Perforated Window Vinyl Work?

From its name, perforated window vinyl is made of a sheet of vinyl material with a significant percentage of holes running through. The holes to surface ratio differ depending on a user’s preference and target use. For instance, perforated window vinyl 65/35 means 65% surface and 35% holes. The standard perforated window vinyl is usually 50/50. Graphics are printed along the visible surfaces and installed outside clear windows and smooth glass doors.  

The clever design that involves dabbling with colors and imagery tricks the eyes by making perforated window vinyl graphics appear entirely opaque from the outside while making everything visible from the inside. This works well because our eyes naturally focus more on what is bright, in this case, the colored graphics, leaving out all relative dark areas represented by the holes making the inside invisible.  

Other Types of Window Graphics 

Other than perforated window vinyl graphics, below are different common types of window graphics available; 

  • Transparent Graphics 

Unlike perforated window vinyl graphics, which have one-way visibility, transparent graphics are entirely see-through. It can feature graphics or text, and only the colored graphics can be seen. All other hostile regions blend with the glass. This means people can see in as well as out. It’s a great way to allow two-way visibility while still taking advantage of your storefront for advertisement. 

  • Translucent Graphics 

From the name, translucent graphics allow a certain percentage of light to pass through, allowing for blurry two-way visibility. They are available in a wide range of colors, and since light shines through the graphics, they can be visible at night. One of the most popular application areas of translucent graphics is in vending machines. 

  • Opaque Graphics 

Opaque graphics are an excellent color, the only visible areas being parts not printed on. Some designers utilize a mix of opaque and transparent elements to provide contrast and impact the transparent graphics. 

  • Etched Glass Vinyl 

Etched glass or frosted glass vinyl graphics are designed to bring out the look and feel of etched glass. There are a variety of distinct finishes and colors. They provide a great way to seclude specific areas of an interior space while still maintaining an open aura. 

General Benefits of Using Window Graphics 

Besides making your business premise or store appear sleek, window graphics have many other benefits. Some of them are highlighted below. 

  • Versatile Advertising Options 

One primary indicator of a great advertising tool is its flexibility. No matter the type, window graphics are not permanent and can be replaced a business owner needs anytime, unlike graphics on other surfaces. They can always remain relevant since you can update them anytime following a change in any information regarding the business. What’s more, you can maximize the advertising space by using both the interior and exterior at the same time. Window graphics present endless advertising options.

  • Cost-Effective Marketing 

Window graphics make for some of the most cost-effective marketing options available, given that you have to pay for most of the other display signs like billboards. While they are not free either, window graphics are cheaper as you only have to pay for the installation. Other forms of advertising may require having a permit. You can significantly motivate certain customer behaviors with strategic window graphics, potentially translating to more sales. 

  • Spurs Curiosity 

Installing relevant, eye-catching perforated window vinyl graphics is a great way to catch the attention of potential new customers. They won’t see the inside; their curiosity will lead them to come in. With a good sales strategy in place, increased foot traffic will eventually translate to increased sales. 

  • Enhanced Privacy 

While the primary purpose of window graphics is to share relevant information about a business, you can also use them for other reasons like boosting privacy. Various types of window graphics can create privacy barriers in the interior. Frosted glass films can be used to block off parts of the office or store without impeding natural light.