Is Non-Owner Car Insurance Right for You?

Whether you own your car or not, it’s always good to know what your options are. Buying non owner car insurance makes a lot of sense when you don’t have a lot of assets and assets in general.

What is Non owner car Insurance?

Non owner car insurance provides additional coverage for non-owned vehicles. It is typically offered by insurance companies that specialize in theft and damage for cars, not just for passengers.

Learn about the different types of non owner car insurance

Non owner car insurance is a special type of automobile insurance that covers the possession, use, or operation of a vehicle not owned by you. There are two types of non owner car insurance: regular non owner car insurance and non owner elective automobile insurance. Both types cover your liability while driving, but they also have different coverage options that may be more beneficial to you.

Regular non owner car insurance covers you for liability losses you may cause to others. That means you’re liable for any damage or injury you cause out of your control, such as an accident or a hit-and-run. A regular policy also covers any damages you cause to other people’s property. That includes the damage to the property from your car if you have collision, comprehensive, and/or vandalism coverage.

Non owner auto insurance is a type of insurance policy that typically covers drivers who are not the registered owner of an automobile. The policy is typically available to individuals and couples who have no other means of insuring their cars. Some major non owner auto insurance companies include Geo Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and Mercury Insurance.

Who should buy Non owner car Insurance?

For those who don’t own a car, buying non-owner car insurance may not seem like the best option. But in some cases, non-owner car insurance is necessary and can be very helpful. If you don’t have much driving experience or your driving record isn’t as clean as it could be, buying non owner car insurance can protect you from any high risks involved with driving without a license. It also offers protection for your vehicle against theft and damage caused by events such as accidents.

Benefits and disadvantages of having a Non owner car insurance

With the exception of a few policies, most non owner car insurance policies are relatively cheap and provide limited protection. Many people opt for these policies because they are convenient and offer peace of mind. For some people, a non owner car insurance might be the right decision. This is because with a non owner car insurance, your family members and friends won’t have to worry about being sued for damages if you get into an accident. Plus, if you feel like you are not getting enough from your current policy, or if you’re paying too much for it, this type of insurance may be a good option for you.

There are some negative aspects with non owner car insurance and one of them is that you can’t sue the person who hit your car. If the person who hit your car doesn’t have liability insurance, you’ll have to pay the deductible out of pocket. Another disadvantage is that you will be stuck with your own collision deductible if anything happens during the policy period.

How Much Does Non Owner Car Insurance Cost?

Non owner car insurance can be expensive. Insurance companies charge a premium of around $1,500 to $2,700 per year and they can also require an annual deductible in the range of $500 -$2,000.


It will be a good idea to investigate the features of non owner car insurance before buying. Some companies offer coverage for your vehicle and/or personal liability claims. If you don’t have any health-related claims, non owner car insurance may not be worth it for you because the premium will be more expensive than a standard policy.