Pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating moments of being a woman. Bearing a child in your womb is priceless, despite the many health precautions, like avoiding extreme activities and certain types of food and drugs. 

So, if you are someone who loves coffee, avoiding caffeine might be the most challenging nine months of your life.

Now the question: is there an alternative for the pregnant to satisfy her caffeine craving? Have you heard of mushroom coffee?

Mushroom Coffee: Is it a healthy craving?

Avoiding certain things during pregnancy is a mother’s way to ensure that the baby comes out healthy, alive, and kicking! So, moms should also make sure that they have a healthy gestation period. Also read about Sanremo coffee machines.

Medical experts will generally advise to stop consuming drugs and alcohol, caffeine including. Medical research journal, WebMd, explains that caffeine can cause severe irritability during labor and cause brain damage to the newborn.

One way to fulfill your brewing need is to find other options to replace coffee. Mushroom coffee products have lower counts of caffeine. 

As all experts say, any drink, food, drugs, and medicine in moderation are safe for everyone. An article about drinking decaf coffee when pregnant, states that “Since scientists approve the intake of moderate amounts of caffeine during pregnancy, caffeine alternatives such as decaf that contain minimal amounts of the stimulant are a great solution.” Here are factors for you to consider before drinking lower caffeine intake while pregnant.

  • Gestation period. You need to mind that caffeine may affect your mood, so be careful when drinking too much mushroom coffee. Or you might avoid it entirely so it won’t impede with the pain you feel.
  • Labor time. The same with what’s said above; caffeine may increase irritability. Also, consider that caffeine may trigger excessive urination, and it will be challenging to go back to the washroom several times.
  • Nutrition requirements. Coffee products are considered antioxidants. And sometimes, too much of it can wash away all the nutrients your body has to absorb.
  • Breastfeeding. Drinking caffeine may also affect your lactating period. The extract of coffee or other liquid food that mom intakes are the same food that the baby takes through breastfeeding.

Above all else, your number one consideration is your health and nutrition. Pregnancy means that your body and the baby inside you need the primary nutrients required for the body. Your usual caffeine intake before may be risky. Instead of helping you absorb the daily nutrient, you need you may wash it off.

Mushroom Coffee Myths and Facts

The one important fact you must know is that mushroom coffee mostly consists of medicinal mushrooms instead of culinary mushrooms.

Medicinal Vs. Culinary Mushroom

The regular fungi that you commonly found in pizzas are different types of mushroom species. The mushroom you cook, buttons, wood ear mushroom, and shitake are safe to eat for those undergoing pregnancy. However, when we say medicinal, these include lion’s mane, reishi, and other species, which are a big NO. 

Edible mushrooms like white fungus and those used for mental health therapy may be a mushrooms pregnancy health risk.

Get familiar with other popular medicinal mushrooms that can put your health in bane.

  • Reishi mushroom (nature’s Xanax)
  • Chaga mushroom ( anti-aging, anti-inflammatory)
  • Turkey tail (super antioxidant)
  • Lion’s main (antioxidant)
  • Gold caps (hallucinogenic )
  • Cordyceps Mushroom (energy-boosting)
  • White fungus (anti-inflammatory)

The Bottomline

Always, the best way to care for your health during pregnancy is to visit and consult with your doctor or OB. To fight other mood swings and cravings, go for natural remedies like eating fruits or engaging in creative activities. If not coffee, then increase your juice intake and other healthier drinks. Bottoms up!