Is It Illegal to Hire a PI? (the Answer Is No)

Hiring a PI in the United States is entirely legal. However, there are laws and regulations that a PI must follow to deem an investigation legal. Whatever your reason is to hire a PI, always ensure that you are hiring a professional.

If you have more questions about how to hire a PI, then keep reading! 

What Is a PI?

A PI stands for private investigator or detective. A private investigator needs to have a high school diploma to receive their license. However, some states have changed this to a college degree. 

Once these are complete, the individual needs to have no criminal record, be a United States citizen, and be over 18 or 25 in some states. If their background check is clear, they can apply for their license to practice. 

Many people think that PI’s only investigate cheating husbands or murder suspects. Still, this career has a wide range of sub practices. For example, a PI can specialize in specific crimes like art theft, corporate theft, stock trading theft, computer forensics and hacking, and much more! 

Is It Legal to Hire a PI?

We’ve already answered the question “Is it legal to hire a PI?”, but there are other factors to consider as well. As stated previously, a PI needs to follow specific laws and regulations.

A PI is usually hired to do research, investigate undercover, interview individuals, and do surveillance. These research methods are all legal. However, during the investigation, a PI cannot present themselves as a law enforcement member.

This means they are not allowed to wear an ambiguous badge that looks similar to a police badge. A private investigator is also not allowed to announce themselves as a member of law enforcement.

How to Hire a PI

You might be wondering how much does it cost to hire a PI, but before you start making payments, ensure your choosing a reputable PI company. 

Depending on what you’re investigating, certain PI’s may not have the credentials to execute your needs. The best PI companies will have itemized credentials and proper licensing. Therefore, thoroughly do your research before picking a company! 

Once you’ve picked a company, reach out to them via email or phone. Usually, they will ask to speak to you in person to discuss your case further. The PI will ask why you’re seeking their serves and go over consent forms and your rights in the in-person assessment. 

How Much to Hire a PI?

You’re probably still wondering how much is it to hire a PI. A PI’s price depends on their experience, the type of investigation, the length of the investigation, and how complex the study will be. 

However, on average, a PI will charge hourly and can range between 90 and 200 dollars. 

Hire a PI Today 

A PI can give you all of the answers you’ve been needing. When you hire a PI, you’re also able to take the supporting information and pursue legal action. 

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