If becoming a doctor from an accredited medical university is a dream for you, then ‘yes,’ it is easier to get into a medical school in the Caribbean. Surrounded by coasts and its islands, the Caribbean is home to over 60 medical schools. The beauty, safety, and accredited medical schools of the Caribbean are attracting prospective doctors from different parts of the world. As getting into the top medical schools of America or Canada is relatively harder, aspiring doctors prefer earning degrees from the best Caribbean medical schools.

Now, you must be wondering what makes Caribbean medical schools different from American or Canadian. If yes, we will familiarize you with reasons to explain why it is easier to attend Caribbean medical schools.

5 advantages of studying in Caribbean medical schools

  1. Higher chance of acceptance

Attending a top medical school in the US or Canada is no cakewalk due to the low acceptance rates and stiff competition among prospective doctors. Additionally, the average GPA and MCAT score of attending a medical school in the Caribbean is way lower than in America or Canada. The Caribbean is also popular for catering to a large number of students from the United States.

  1. Rolling admissions

It is another benefit of studying in Caribbean medical schools. Medical universities in the Caribbean have rolling admissions. In this system, universities across the Caribbean accept applicants thrice a year- January or February, May and August or September. It means interested students can apply for admission three times a year.

  1. Small class sizes

Some top medical schools in the Caribbean believe in promoting student-faculty relationships with small class sizes. Notably, small class sizes are a unique way to benefit students during their education. With a class size of 7:1 ratio in the Basic Sciences program and 3:1 ratio in the Gateway program, medical universities focus on enhanced learnings, better results and enriched student experience.

  1. Accreditations

The accreditation standards in some reputed medical schools of the Caribbean are comparable to the measures used to approve medical schools in the United States. Notably, medical programs in these Caribbean universities are accredited by ACCM, CAAM-HP, and the NVAO.

  1. Residency placements

Another benefit of attending a top Caribbean medical university is that they offer residency placements in the US or Canada. Not only this, 88 percent of graduates from reputed medical schools in the Caribbean have secured positions in the United States and Canada.

With such provisions, it is pretty easier for an applicant to secure admission in the top Caribbean medical school than the US or Canadian one. In addition, applicants do not need to apply in more than 16 medical schools simultaneously as they used to do in America to get into a medical school. Therefore, the Caribbean is a popular choice for prospective doctors willing to practice medicine in the US. As this tropical island provides second chances to rejected applicants, many applicants land in the Caribbean to become successful doctors. So, apply to your favorite Caribbean medical university today!


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