Is Frozen Soup Better Than Canned?

Over the centuries, we have become very good at preserving food along with most of its flavor and nutrition. Anyone that has tasted both frozen and canned food knows that some food tastes better canned than frozen; for others, the inverse applies. 

In this post, we will focus on a favorite: soup. Do they taste better frozen or canned? What about the nutritional content of both methods? If you want to make better choices when it comes to the soup you consume, then you would love to read this post.

Frozen Soup VS Canned Soup – What You Should Know

Nothing compares to having cooked soup made with fresh supplies. However, there are times when getting all the ingredients for the cooking is not practical, so you have to settle for either frozen or canned fruits, spices, and vegetables in the kitchen as they are convenient options.

But when you choose canned foods over frozen foods (or vice versa) you should at least be aware of the distinction between them. This will help you decide which makes more tasty soup and which you should use if you want more nutrition pound for pound. Here’s what you should know:

About Canned Soup

Not all canned soups are equal; depending on the soup’s composition and preparation method, its nutritional value may vary. Canned soups have an ill-deserved reputation for not being very healthy, but that is not entirely the case – there are some vitamins and fiber in canned soups. While processing could eliminate certain nutrients, such as water-soluble vitamins, the process can make certain fibers easier to digest. Additionally, canned soup is quick and simple to make.

However, consuming canned soup has its own disadvantages – addition of food preservatives being one of the primary negatives. Another issue is that nutritional information on canned soup labels normally refers to a one-cup portion, but many people eat more than one cup per serving – and that’s a problem because above-normal consumption of flavor enhancers and preservatives used in canned soups can lead to health issues.

Major Advantages Of Canned Soup 

  • Frozen soups are easily stored and don’t require a freezer for preservation.
  • The addition of food preservatives and absence of bacterial activity means that you can store canned soup for longer.
  • Some soups taste better canned than frozen. For example, chicken noodle soup.
  • Overall, canned soups are more cost-effective.
  • Canned soups are the most convenient alternative.

Major Disadvantages Of Canned Soup

  • Canned food can sometimes contain too much salt or sugar, which is not very good for your health.
  • The high sodium contents of some canned soup can cause bloating.
  • Long term, the added food chemicals in canned food can cause health issues.

About Frozen Soup

Freezing food is one of the finest ways of preserving it for later use. This method is far safer than canning, which can cause food contamination with the chemicals it contains if handled improperly. Besides, frozen soup doesn’t typically need preservatives, flavor enhancers, and other additives used in canned foods. 

In view of this point, frozen soup is a more nutritious option.  If you like to derive maximum flavor from your delicacies, then you should know that the extreme temperatures in the freezer can change the flavor and texture of some soups and make them lose their bite. 

Major Advantages Of Frozen Soup

  • Refrigerated soups are closer to homemade quality: they are cooked at normal temperatures and duration, so most of the food nutrients are preserved.
  • The taste of frozen soup is typically richer than canned.
  • Frozen soups don’t need preservatives as the extreme temperature in the freezer or fridge is enough to keep bacteria inactive, resulting in an overall cleaner and healthier ingredient list.

Major Disadvantages Of Canned Soup

  • Extreme temperatures in the freezer may reduce some of the soup’s flavor.

Every method of preserving food has its pros and cons. But by far the most nutritious way to have your soup is to prepare soups from scratch using only fresh ingredients, free of any additions or preservatives – same as how you would at home. Thankfully, there are soup ordering services where you can get exactly that.