Is A Granny Flat On Top Of Garage Correct for You?

A granny flat on top of the garage, nestled in the trees far from the main home, is private and lovely. They’re very popular among renters.

With the help of Granny Flat Solutions, Australia – garage ADU is also an excellent method to expand housing while preserving the garage’s critical storage space and safe parking space.

While the size of the garage limits the square footage of this sort of ADU, you can add a balcony for outdoor living. Cantilevering the upper level on one side can also help to extend the area. Flower pots or a herb garden can be placed on the stairwell and landing.

Charm? It’s out of this world!

The Price of Constructing a Garage Overhang

So, why aren’t more people constructing ADUs atop their garages? It all comes down to the price. A unit built on top of a four hundred-square-foot garage transformation could cost $200,000 or more. This is why.

Building a structurally sound second level with an open expanse below is costly

The floor of the granny flat is also a problem. It must not bow or flex, as this may cause harm to the flooring. Although there are no supports along the length of the garage to hold the floor above, the builder must use numerous layers of subflooring.

You might need — or want — to match the new structure’s façade to that of your primary residence.

You can paint over the existing finish if you’re just converting the garage. When you’re adding a second storey, though, this isn’t the case. You’ll now have to refinish the entire structure’s exterior.

Many homeowners want the ADU to have the same façade as the main house. It’s required in some situations, such as if your home is in a historic overlay zone. It may also be required by some jurisdictions.

You’ll need to find shingles, siding, brick, or stone that matches the main house’s exterior. It’s possible that you’ll need to hire a plasterer who can replicate plastering techniques from 50 or 75 years ago. Regardless of the finish material, this two-story construction will necessitate a significant amount of it, increasing the cost.

The second story must align if the garage is attached to the main house

This usually entails reducing or increasing the height of the existing garage walls in order to align the new and old floors properly. Even if the main home is only one storey, the two-story garage/granny apartment must be visually appealing, with the second floor coinciding with the main house’s first floor.


Assuming you have a huge load of wires lying around in your garage, this can add to a jumbled vibe to your garage. Attach your wires with zip ties or with a paperclip. Maintain a reasonable level of control in one cabinet, so you just need to look for a particular wire at a specific spot. Assuming something falls behind a cabinet, don’t stress and approach the issue at hand with calmness.

Installing utilities is more expensive

Installing plumbing, gas, and electricity on the second level necessitates more supplies and work than on the first.

Conclusion:- Building an ADU should be enjoyable and interesting, according to Granny Flat Solutions Australia. You shouldn’t have to cope with perplexing issues like permit snafus or constantly changing restrictions. Experts will be there for you every step of the process, connecting you with skilled designers and general contractors in your area to ensure that your project runs successfully.