Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working How To Fix?

The aide shares about the fixes accessible for the new Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working blunder.

FaceTime SharePlay is the element delivered with iOS 15 beta, and it permits dividing screens of iPhone among clients, paying little mind to their geological areas. Each iPhone client in the United States adulated the element and began utilizing it without limit.

The screen share include is broadly used to pay attention to music and stream films together by sharing the screen while sitting at any distant area of the world. The element took over numerous famous video conferencing administrations, similar to Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom, and then some.

Tragically, after the iOS 15 beta 6 update, the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working.

What is iOS 15 Facetime Screen Share?

iOS 15 FaceTime Screen Share is the element delivered with the iOS 15 beta adaptation, and it allows the clients to divide screens among various iOS clients, paying little heed to their actual areas. The elements permitted numerous clients to stream films together and pay attention to music by sharing the iOS gadgets while sitting at distant areas.

It is a component that is broadly utilized for online gatherings while sitting at an alternate area. Tragically, the element was brought down after the iOS 15 beta-6 update, and numerous clients in the United States have detailed that Facetime Screen Share Not Working.

Why Is Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working?

Numerous hidden reasons are keeping the element from not filling in as planned. A portion of the reasons are referenced underneath:

At the point when you add emoticon to your companion’s contact number, it influences the planned elements of FaceTime. In this way, eliminate it to check whether the capacity begins working once more.

Another normal explanation is that the country you live in may not help the element, so you can’t utilize it.

One more most normal explanation for the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working is a feeble web association. In the event that the web network is powerless, it might influence the elements of FaceTime, and thus you will not have the option to utilize it.

The last explanation is the iOS 15 beta 6 update. Clients who have refreshed to form 6 can’t utilize the screen sharing capacity as Apple has brought the element down in the new update.

How to Fix the iOS 15 Facetime Screen Error?

On the off chance that the Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working, don’t freeze as there is no issue with the component and your gadget. The last iOS 15 beta update comes up short on the capacity authoritatively, and clients who have refreshed their gadget to the furthest down the line adaptation may not discover the SharePlay screen sharing component on their separate gadgets.

There is no authority update on when Apple will add FaceTime Screen Sharing to their iOS gadgets. Yet, specialists are asserting the component will be added after the most recent iOS 15.1 updates. Thus, we have no alternative instead of delaying until iOS 15.1 update.


FaceTime Screen Sharing element has changed the manner in which individuals do online meetings, pay attention to music, and stream films. Numerous clients are grumbling that Ios 15 Facetime Screen Share Not Working.

It is a result of various fundamental causes that are referenced previously. Notwithstanding, specialists recommend delaying until the forthcoming iOS 15.1 update as it is relied upon to get included the impending update for clients. Realize what to do when confronting a mistake.

In case you are additionally confronting the mistake, if it’s not too much trouble, share what steps you have taken to fix it in the remark segment.