Introduction To Poker

Poker is a game that represents casino-related games that helps you to place bets on a variety of events whether they are specified or unspecified. Various types of events are set to happen after regular intervals of time. The game of poker is an incredibly challenging and addictive game in nature. Once the bug of poker bites you it is very difficult to get in order. As we know bets are placed on these types of games we come to know we come across money earning games. These kinds of games result in acquiring instant cash on winning.

Such kinds are preferred to play nowadays as you know it is a great experience while in your free time just by playing games you are unlocking extra cash in your bank account. The cash which you win while playing the game you can quickly withdraw from your bank account. These games provide a sense of satisfaction when something extra is showered upon you through games is a great feeling which is particularly human tendency. Transactions are carried as you have access to many sources that is through credit cards, and debit cards, and now you also go forward with UPI.

Types Of Poker Hands

As we know there are different types of Poker games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha, Seven-card games, Five Card Stud, Big Loss Chicago, Three Stud Games, and so on. Correspondingly in every type of game, there is an inclusion of various types of poker hands which makes the outcome of the game turn interesting. Types of poker hands are mentioned below as follows.

  1. Royal flush – The Royal flush is the best hand that is available in poker. It consists of five consecutive cards which are of the same suite. There are four suites named Hearts, diamonds, spades, and Clubs.
  2. Straight flush – Any hand which does not belong to Royal flush is considered a straight flush hand.
  3. Four-of-a-kind – In a given hand when there is a presence of four cards which is each from four different suites. This is referred to as four a kind hand.
  4. Full house – If card exists off three different values of same suite and fourth card exists of higher value from different suite then that typical arrangement of cards is known as full house.
  5. Flush – If five cards of different values are placed from same suite that is flush. In a play the player with highest value of cards is considered to be win.
  6. Straight – If five cards of consecutive numerical value each belonging to different suite appear then it is termed as straight.
  7. Three of a kind – When there is presence of three cards that is of same value from different suites then it is called three of a kind.
  8. Two pair – When two cards of same pair appears from two different suites then this fact is called two pair.


In this article we completely get to know the introduction of the game of poker and also tried mentioning important types of poker games. Also in this text we got to understand complete details of different types of poker hands used in every type of game. Playing poker also gives rise to many types of financial interim benefits which tremendously increases the level of urgency during the game.