Interesting facts about the Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin is known worldwide as a symbol of class and wealth. It is probably the most iconic bag in the world right now and everybody wants a piece of it. Apart from being a symbol of fashion and an elite brand, the Birkin bags are strong and durable. One of my favorites is the orange colour plain tote bag, it just fits my needs completely, and they are inexpensive.

Did you know that the idea for this iconic and coveted bag was given birth to on a plane? Shocked yet?

The need of British Actress Jane Birkin for a suitable bag that can meet the needs of a young mother was the driving force for the creation of the Hermes Birkin bag by the Executive Chairman of Hermes who happened to be sitting next to her on a flight from Paris to London. As a fan of the Hermes Birkin brand, what do you really know about this fashion piece? What makes it so popular? What colours are the most sort after? Find out these answers and many more as I take you on a journey of the most interesting facts about Hermes Birkin you never knew.

1.  The Hermes Birkin bag has an extremely limited supply

The total number of Birkin bags in circulation at any particular point in time is nothing more than 200,000. It has the longest waiting list for any accessory in today’s market worldwide. The waiting list for a Hermes Birkin bag is reported to be around six years.

2.  The Orange folded box was an accidental Icon.

Did you know that the beautiful bright orange box with a brown ribbon design was actually made due to a shortage in the materials used for making the original cream-colored box? And now, this orange field box design has made a lasting impression.

3.  Hermes Birkin bags hold a record-breaking price tag

Hermes Birkin bags are handcrafted and strictly exclusive, which drives the value of the Birkin bag up every year. Did you know that the most expensive Hermes Birkin bag is the white Himalaya Birkin composed of crocodile, solid 18K gold hardware, and 240 diamonds? In 2017, this unique piece was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for a total of $379,261, making it the most expensive bag in the world.

4.  The size, texture, and color of a Birkin bag are described in its name

When you want to get a Birkin bag, the name indicates everything you may want to know. The Hermes Birkin Bi-Color Porosus Crocodile 35 bag is a two-color design, with a croc leather exterior and 35cm in size.

5.  There are more than 20 shades of blue Birkin bags

Since its debut 31years ago, Hermes Birkin has produced over 25 distinct shades of blue, including the popular classics like Myhonos, Blue Jean, and Bleu Roi.

6.  Jane Birkin gets a nominal majesty every year from Hermes brand for the use of her name

Initially, Jane Birkin accepted a free Hermes Birkin bag in exchange for the use of her name on the brand. However, the brand now gives her an annual payment for the use of her name which she donates to different charity organizations.

7.  Each Hermes Artisan requires 48 hours to make a Birkin bag

All Hermes bags, including Birkins, are created by a single artisan in Hermes ateliers. It takes an artisan an average of 48 working hours to successfully manufacture a Birkin bag, which may span for almost a week or more, on a regular full-time schedule.

8.  Every Hermes artisan has a personalized set of tools.

Every Hermes artisan has their own set of personalized tools they use in making Hermes bags, and they take the set if tools with them when they retire.