Interesting Encounters from the World of Casino Gaming

The Most Hilarious Casino Players of All Time

All gambling enthusiasts go to the casino to have a good time and hopefully make some cash. And thanks to the rapidly evolving technology of today, players don’t have to visit brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy their favorite games. Right now, participating in a casino game is as simple as logging on to licensed and regulated iGaming sites such as You just need internet access, and you’re good to go from any location and on any device with a functional web browser.

Once in a while, you will encounter casino stories that are too bewildering to believe because of the absurdity of players’ actions. Well, today is one of those days. Here are true documented stories of people who were either lucky or unlucky and some risk lovers who played by the mantra ‘go big or go home.’ Then, of course, there were players who were willing to go to any length to get the better of the house by cheating their way to wins. Brace yourself for an interesting read.

Stuart Errol Ungar, the Rummy Genius

Stu Ungar, the son of a bookmaker, was popularly known as the god of rummy and poker. He won Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker and the World Series of Poker Main Event three times during his career. Stu Ungar was considered a genius at poker but was an even greater rummy professional player. He won his first Gin Rummy competition at the early age of 10 and made a lot of moolah from players who underestimated him. 

One of Ungar’s casino stories that stand out is when he intentionally lost money to a high roller in a poker game and invited him to a rummy game. Unfortunately, the high roller made a grave mistake by assuming that any player who was terrible at poker was not any good at gin rummy, and Stu Ungar took every penny from him. 

Grandma Patricia Demauro

This was a one in 1.56 trillion opportunity! In May 2009, armed with $100 in her pocket, Patricia Demauro, an older woman from Denville, New Jersey, walked into Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa and sat at a craps table. Having played craps only once before, Patricia played the orange dice, and much to her surprise, she landed a win. 

The winning streak lasted for four hours and eighteen minutes, winning 154 rolls, and breaking the world’s record for the longest craps roll and the most consecutive rolls. Although she never revealed how much she won, experts speculate Patricia must have won hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. 

Phil Ivey’s Case

Philip Dennis Ivey Jr is a professional poker player who went on to win ten World Series of Poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour title during the course of his career. Poker observers regarded him as the world’s best all-rounded player. 

Unfortunately, Phil has had a few issues with the law for trying to cheat the house. At the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, Phil allegedly used the edge sorting technique to win a baccarat game and ended up winning 9.6 million. However, when Borgata casino got wind of what he had done, they sued Phil for $15.6 million and were awarded $10.1 million.  

Brian Zembic’s Weird Proposal

How far can you go to win a bet? One man, Brain Zembic, a professional bettor, pushed the limits when he agreed to get something rather odd, breast implants. In 1996, Brain Zembic bet a bored millionaire to get and keep the 38C breast implants for one year in exchange for $100,000. After the incident, he would end up getting referred to as the man who would go to all lengths to win a wager. What is mesmerizing about the story is Brian got accustomed to the implants and only had them removed in 2016

William Bergstrom, a Lover of Fast Money

William Lee Bergstrom, a professional player and high roller, was referred to as the Suitcase Man because he always carried his money in a suitcase. While all casinos today have a cap on the betting limits, that was not in the 1970s. So, in the ’70s, Horseshoe Casino ran a promotion known as the ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ wager. A player would stake a wager, and the casino guaranteed it would honor a bet of any size, provided it was a player’s first time at the casino. 

When Bergstrom heard about this opportunity, he walked into the casino, sat at the craps table, and placed a bet worth a whopping $777,000 on the “Don’t Pass Line” and won. He would later continue his winning streak in other casinos in Las Vegas, but his luck would end when he returned to Horseshoe casino in 1986. Again, he placed a Don’t Pass Line wager on a game of craps and unfortunately lost everything. 

The House Always Wins?

Gambling is a game of luck, and it’s never over until the fat lady sings. There’s indeed a possibility of hitting life-changing winning streaks, but the reverse is also true. Even for professional players, losses are never off the table, no matter how much skill they possess; things could turn sour any minute. So, if you are into casino games, it’s best to quit while you’re ahead, no matter how lucky you feel.