Interested in Uber? Here’s How to Find the Best Rideshare Rental Options for Your Needs

As rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft, continue to grow, more and more people are considering ridesharing as a way to make some extra money on the side. In fact, according to a study by Money Australia, there are already around 62,000 rideshare drivers in Australia who partner with Uber and around 4.3 million active riders using the Uber ridesharing platform. This just shows how lucrative the industry is.

Now, if you’re thinking about becoming an Uber driver yourself, but aren’t sure which rideshare rental options are best for your needs, don’t worry! We’ve got all the information that you need right here.

Benefits of Being an Uber Driver

Before we proceed, it is important to know what rideshare drivers get out of their jobs. You should be interested to know, right?

Well, for starters, ridesharing is good for those who need additional income but don’t necessarily want full-time employment at the moment. This is why you will also see college students and even stay-at-home mums offering this service.

Secondly, you can choose your own hours when you want to drive. All ridesharing platforms let their partners set their own schedules so that they have more flexibility in the types of rides they offer.

Moreover, you don’t need any special licences to become a rideshare driver. Unlike taxi companies where you have to get a taxi driver’s licence before even being able to apply, ridesharing platforms only require the bare minimum of car insurance in order for you to be approved as a rideshare partner. 

How to Find the Right Rideshare Rental Options for Yourself

To start taking advantage of ridesharing as a source of supplemental income, then there’s no better time to do it than now! Here are the steps in finding rideshare rental options for your needs.

1) Know the types of Uber services and rides to choose from.

Generally speaking, there are three services available for those who are looking for rideshare car rental Melbourne and other Australian cities have to offer. These are:

  • UberX (low-cost rides)
  • UberXL (larger vehicles to accommodate more passengers at a higher price point)
  • Uber Black (higher-end and luxury vehicles)

Once you have an idea of what kind of ridesharing service best fits your budget, lifestyle, and travel habits, it’s time to look into some specific rental options that fit these needs perfectly.

If affordability is one of your main concerns when choosing a car as a rideshare driver, then you might want to consider getting yourself a subcompact vehicle, instead, because they’re usually cheaper than other types of cars.

2) Determine your schedules.

Now that you know the different types of rides available to you as an Uber driver, it’s time to set some ground rules for your work schedule. Will you be driving during the weekday rush hours? Or, are you a weekend warrior who is only available late nights and early mornings?

Whatever your availability is, make sure that the rental company can accommodate this. Many rideshare rental companies have different policies when it comes to picking up and dropping off cars.

For example, some would allow their drivers to take their rentals anywhere in the country, while others have stricter guidelines where drivers must return their vehicles to the same location from which they were rented.

Knowing these things ahead of time will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

3) Know the associated costs.


Apart from the cost of the rental car, rideshare drivers must also take into account the associated costs of being a driver for ridesharing companies. For example, a rideshare rental Brisbane company might require other fees when renting their cars.  

These fees go towards maintaining the high-quality service that ridesharing companies provide their riders, so it’s important that you factor these extra costs into your budget when driving for them.

4) Compare potential ridesharing companies to partner with.

Doing a quick Google search using the keyword “Uber car rental near me” will give you a good starting point in creating a shortlist of potential companies to choose from. When doing your assessment, here are some factors to consider in reaching an informed decision:

  • Vehicle availability
  • Rental prices and policies
  • Insurance coverage

Now that you know how to find the best rideshare options for yourself, all that’s left is to rent your preferred vehicle and start picking up those passengers.

Parting Thoughts

Needless to say, there are great benefits of being an Uber driver. However, to make the most out of it, you should make sure you find the best rideshare rental options for your needs. Of course, you should only partner with the best ridesharing companies in your area.

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